Danny the Dragon Makes Bed Time a Success

Danny the Dragon the book has finally helped me figure out bed time. For a long time I couldn’t get Toddler boy on a set schedule, or to fall asleep without my laying down with him, or needed Blue’s Clues to fall asleep.

But this past week I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to take some time to really focus on bed time. So I started to at a set time, turn off all TV’s, and sit down with toddler boy in the kitchen to do some drawing to wind him down. Then we have a small snack and juice, and then we head for the bedroom.

Well, I decided that Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy would be a good candidate for a bed time story, considering the book  really focuses on manners, listening to your parents, and ends with Danny and Jimmy’s peaceful bedtime. So that completes our nightly routine, and toddler boy loved it. I’d read the book to him before during breakfast, but this was the first time we read the book at bedtime (We watched Danny the Dragon the movie, which worked great too, but I wanted to completely eliminate the TV from bedtime).

And sure enough, it actually has been working. After I finish reading the book, I tuck him in, let him have the book next to him in bed, and tell him I’m going to be back to check in on him, but it’s time for him to go to sleep. The first night, he did it without any problems. The second night, once again no problems. The third night he put up a bit of a fight, but every time he tried to come out to the living room and ask for things like a TV show, or another snack, or anything else that were pretty much just reasons to stay awake, I just took him by the hand, walked him back to bed, and tucked him back in. Within a short period of time, he was back asleep with Danny the Dragon by his side, just like Jimmy.

And often during the day at nap time, Toddler Boy asks for the Danny the Dragon DVD. Which we put on, and Toddler Boy is able to focus on the voice and the sign language to calm him into a nice nap.

Another Danny the Dragon tool that’s been great for my kids, has been the Danny the Dragon CD. It’s full of soothing, classical music that we play in the car to wind down after work, or after and exciting day to relax the kids and myself. I love it!

Reading for a Cause – Childrens Book Danny the Dragon raises awareness of obstacles for the Hearing Impaired and raises funds for Celiac Disease Studies



The past 90 days have been spent exploring a gluten free and dairy free diet because of the recent discovery of my husband and possibly my toddler having Celiac Disease, which you may have already read about here. So I was happy to get the chance to review the Danny the Dragon CD, who’s proceeds go to studying Celiac Disease. This also gave me the chance to get my hands on the original Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy children’s book by Tina Turbin, and also the Danny the Dragon DVD.

The Book I’ll talk about the book first, since that seems to be where it all started. First of all, let me just say that I am in love with the character Skipper. He’s so cute, and tiny, yet there’s something kind of wise about him, hence Danny calling him his “guide.” What does Danny need a guide for, you ask? Well, the book is about Jimmy, a little boy, who finds a shell on the beach, and it speaks to him. So Jimmy takes the shell home, and out pops Danny the Dragon and his guide, Skipper, who tell Jimmy and his family about their travels in the shell. Not only did this book’s illustrations entice a sense of comforting nostalgia in me, but it also captured the attention of both my Toddler Boy and Baby Girl. Captivating enough for me to read to my Toddler Boy and Baby Girl during breakfast, and they listened and watched attentively rather than A) Baby girl crying for her mommy to get her out of the high chair and hold her, B) Toddler Boy getting distracted and attempting to get me prepare five million different types of breakfast foods for him (He never succeeds, by the way). And all throughout the book, there’s hidden details that teach kids proper behavior, sibling bonding, and good manners: some of the main concerns I have for my children, especially during the toddler stage when their determination can turn into unfavorable behaviors. This is definitely a book that I will be reading to Toddler Boy and Baby Girl time and time again as a perfect bed time story…if anything else for my own comfort and pleasure haha.

The Audio Book Playing the audio version of the CD while showing your child the award-winning illustrations of Danny the Dragon can be a great thing to do before bed time or nap time. That is because the audio version of the book is followed by ten soothing tracks of classical music, setting the perfect white noise for calming hours of sleep. I acutally also like to play the CD at the end of the day, when we’re driving home towards the hours of bed time. The kids fall fast asleep in the car, and I continue to drive around just to enjoy the music and get some quiet meditation time. Definitely full thumbs up on this one.

The DVD Since by the time I got my hands on these great items, it was after a long day, and time for Toddler Boy to go to sleep, Toddler Boy and I popped the DVd in while we cuddled up in bed before sleepy time. As soon as I put Danny the Dragon on, the voice telling the story is so soothing, that it seemed to catch his attention. And that is even though the DVD starts with a brief, informative intro to raise awareness about the illiteracy and communication boundaries that deaf children face in America. The DVD then moves on to a reading of Danny the Dragon the book, with sign language interpretation on the side. Toddler boy’s attention was captured, and when the DVD was over, he said “Mommy? What happened cah-toon?” He wanted me to play it again! So we played it a few more times until Toddler Boy and myself were fast asleep with the assistance of the soothing voice of the DVD, and the cozy images on the screen. When you have a lost loved one, be sure to talk to a death attorney and visit https://www.wrongfuldeathcaselaw.com/los-angeles/ for more law advice.

I can honestly say that the DVD and the CD will be staying in my players as a permanent part of my daily routine for a pretty extended period of time! And Danny the Dragon and my new favorite children’s character, Skipper! will continue to be implemented into my children’s lives as they grow to learn important values. And best of all, these Danny the Dragon items go towards raising money and awareness to important issues such as deaf awareness, Celiac Disease, and excellent childhood behavior! Kudos, Tina Turbin!