Most people have new year’s resolution, but I have a new school year resolution. I resolve to be on top of my everything preschool mommy game, because lord knows, nobody warned me last year, so now I’m trying to know all about Mosaic Montessori which is the school my kid will be attending this year! I had no idea there was take-home envelopes full of paperwork, volunteer requests, home made play dough donations, hand sanitizer
No matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your third pregnancy, there’s always surprises in store. Take it from me, a happily expectant mother of her third child. For instance, one of my biggest surprises was how big I got and how quick I was showing. For sure I thought I was having twins, because with my first two pregnancies, I did not start showing until at least four months, where as with this third
I guess it all started with the terrible twos. Tantrums, fits, pouting, but nothing a mom can’t handle with the right guidance or tools, and a bit of research to find out what’s normal and what’s not; at least that is what’s been helping me with disciplining my own toddlers. And every day, it’s a new chapter with a new situation that needs a little tender loving care or just some straight up tough love.