Meet Your New Pregnancy Friend: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I thought I’d heard it all about pregnancy symptoms: nausea, fatigue, weight gain, forgetfulness, backaches, pelvic cramps, swelling…but I never thought that whole limbs going numb during pregnancy was possible. But apparently, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy is very common (and unfortunately, very annoying).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy most often occurs at night while you’re sleeping. In more severe cases, it tends to be one of the symptoms that keeps you up at night. That’s because most often during pregnancy you sleep on your side, therefore cutting off circulation to your hands or wrists if you lay on them. This may lead you to wake up with your hands and fingers completely numb, often to the point of pain. Sometimes, the numbness reaches your upper arm area.

Another common reason for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is during stroller walking, typing on the computer, or carrying heavy items. During these actions you’re obviously holding your hand in a clenched position, cutting off circulation and causing your hands to go numb almost right away.

Carpal Tunnel during pregnancy can get so bad that it might feel impossible to even open a water bottle, or hold up your hair straightener to do your hair! You may even need to wake up earlier than usual to give your Carpal Tunnel a chance to die down in the morning, as that seems to be its peak time.

But the core reason for Carpal Tunnel and why it happens so much more during pregnancy, is because of the extra water retention your body experiences during pregnancy. And according to my local OB doc, there are different ways to handle the situation, but like anything else, it depends on the person.

  1. You can try purchasing wrist guards to keep you wrists from bending at night while you sleep. But this doesn’t seem to help the cutting off of the hand circulation if you happen to lay on it. But, if it’s the bending position that causes the numbness for you, you can try asking your doctor to provide you with a pair of wrist guards, as a pair may cost up to $50 at the drug store.
  2. A similar and less expensive alternative is using medical wraps to keep you wrists still. But again, this doesn’t help with the cutting of the circulation. Especially if you end up wrapping your wrists and hands too tight, your hands might end up falling asleep even more.
  3. Sleep with your hands by your sides, but risen by a pillow or two. Keeping your hands elevated may help with circulation.
  4. Sleep with your arms stretched out above your head. Again, this may help with wrist circulation.

  5. If you sleep with your little ones, that may not help with the carpal tunnel syndrome situation, because they are probably laying on your arms, or you’re probably laying on your side to make room for them, so before the next baby comes, you can try different techniques to try and get them in your own bed. Of course don’t ask me how to do that one, because I still sleep with my first child, even though I am expecting my third!

It may appease you to know that some days are better than others for your Carpal Tunnel for no particular reason or by no particular effort. ¬†Just when you think you can’t take it any more, you have a nice day without the Carpal Tunnel feeling too bad. But rest assured that it will definitely go away within a few weeks after having your baby!


    Your Type A Personality Comes Out to Play…or Organize…During Nesting in Pregnancy

    You spent the first three months of your pregnancy feeling exhausted and nauseous, and maybe even doing a little throwing up. But now, towards the end of your second trimester, you might be feeling the urge to nest.

    No, nesting during pregnancy doesn’t mean making a neat little home out of grass and weeds, it means having the urge to all of a sudden get everything ready for the baby: a constant itch to get all details in place before you give birth. This might include a sudden urge to organize, clean, buy everything from your baby registry and put it in place, etc.

    But, because you may not be able to set up your nursery because you’re waiting for back-ordered furniture to arrive from the baby depot, or because your baby shower’s sure to provide everything you need, this need to nest might turn into a little bit of extra hormonal anxiety that may be channeled into the wrong manner, and you might turn into the notorious pregnant lady. So here are a few things you can do to keep yourself busy and give yourself the feeling that you’re getting ready for baby. Because in fact, you are.

    1. You may not be able to separate your baby’s clothing into sizes because you’re waiting for your baby shower to buy any, but you CAN organize your own clothes. Spend a day cleaning your closet. This will fulfill your urge to organize and get things ready, and give you an idea of what clothes you may need to buy yourself if for instance you plan to nurse (For which button-up shirts or low-cut V-necks may be better than a bunch of jumpsuits). Not to mention, this will make extra room in your home, which is sure to fill up fast once you have everything for baby.
    2. Clean out your junk drawers. You never know what you’re going to find in there that you may actually need to have organized once you get all of your baby stuff: a screw driver, Duck tape, witch stitchery, you name it. And again, you may clear up a few drawers for the baby’s arrival. This will leave more room for new, cool baby nursery products.

    3. Hire Clean Crawls Attic Insulation when cleaning your home insulation. Dig through your family member’s attics. Baby shower gifts are awesome, but so are hidden treasures. Ask your folks or cousins, or sisters, or whoever you know that’s had kids if they have any cool kid stuff they dnestingon’t use any more. My one friend recently found her husband’s old wooden sled in her in-law’s attic and is refinishing it for an awesome family-heirloom Christmas decoration.
    4. Sort through your garage. As the baby grows, you’re going to accrue a crazy amount of tricycles, inflatable toys, sand toys, baby pools, sprinkler attachments, bubble machines, SPF bottles, helmets, balls, bats, you name it. Why not make room for them ahead of time while your body literally craves to organize and clean? Just make sure you’re not around any paint fumes or excessive dust. At which point, assess the tasks to Hubby.
    5. Pack your hospital bag. There are some things that you’re going to want to wait on for your hospital bag such as diapers for the baby, Boppy and a change of clothes for the baby (If you’re really set on waiting for the baby shower to buy anything). But, you can certainly start to pack the bag with a toothbrush for you, a loose change of clothes for when you leave the hospital, a comfortable nightgown for during your hospital stay, travel-sized shampoo, lotions, face wash, soaps, perfumes, and whatever else you think you’ll need to feel clean after you give birth. And remember, most hospitals have very limited TV channels, so it might be helpful for you to pack a laptop or portable DVD player with some movies to pass time while you’re in labor or while you’re trying to stay awake with baby at the hospital.
    6. Start your diaper shopping. You’ll definitely get diapers during your baby shower, but you can never have enough. You can start your budgeting early by buying a pack a week during your pregnancy. If you’re going cloth (Which is awesome), you could buy a cloth diaper a week. Even if you get a bunch during your shower, you’re going to need about 40 to be comfortable when the baby comes.

    If you haven’t felt the itch to nest, you might think these suggestions are silly or just plain crazy. But trust me, if you’re urging to get things ready, those things do help; I myself just organized two junk drawers, my kids’ craft box, sippy cup cabinet, and Tupperware pantry. And me and my husband have a hot date with the attic tomorrow night, so I can start sorting through all my kids’ old clothes and see what I’m keeping. Or you could go do what my sister did, which is to basically almost buy everything she needs before the baby shower. Or talk to your hubby and see if he’s feeling the urge to “hatch,” which is the sympathetic feeling, male version of nesting.

    Basic Info on Refinancing Your Home

    Any broker will tell you that interest rates are now at a record-low, and it’s the perfect time to refinance your home. Refinancing your home means paying off your current mortgage with a loan that has a lower interest rate, this loan can be found at CC Bank with no problem.¬† But you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen; it’s not as easy as the commercials make it sound, on this site you will find more information about it. So here is some basic information:

    1. The Fencing Direct will usually use to decide whether to approve or deny the loan are based on your credit score and your debt-to-income ratio. A debt-to-income ratio is the amount of debt that you have, versus your take-home pay. Usually a bank will pass a refinancing loan if your credit score is over 700, and if your debt-to-income ratio is that your debt does not exceed 45% of your take-home pay. If you thinkg that you’re gonna end up losing anything because of debt, you should ask about the government debt help scheme, they can help you. If either of those factors are unfavorable, meaning that the bank may feel like your past credit performance leaves trust to be desired, or if they feel like your income can’t cover the loan they are to give you, the bank may ask you to put more assets than your home on the line to secure the loan on their part. This may include cash, a 401k, or other property, of course there are other options to getting loans, like even some options online with sites as or others.
    2. The interest rates are usually not as low as the ones the banks are mass-advertising, unless you’re interested in financing for the minimum amount of the life of the loan (Usually 10 years), or unless you are in need to refinance a loan that is over a certain amount. So if you are looking to refinance for the high end of the loan life, meaning that you’d pay the mortgage off over a 30-year span, your interest rate is probably going to be a few points higher than the advertised lowest rate. The shorter loan term agreements are the ones that will save you the most money, because in the long run you will pay much less in interest, but the shorter loan time spans also mean that you will have higher monthly payments.

    3. If a bank advertises that there are no closing costs in refinancing your home, they are usually actually rolled into the loan or the interest rate. These closing costs cover the title fee, the appraisal fee (Because the bank has to hire an appraiser to make sure your home is worth the amount that you are refinancing), and other miscellaneous processing fees for the bank. These average out to be a total of $3000.00, and it may be possible for you to finance this amount along with your mortgage. If you do choose to roll these into your loan amount, then your interest rate will go up a few variables because the bank will charge you for the extra money borrowed.
    4. Definitely shop around, and know that a lot of factors in taking out a loan from a bank are negotiable, depending on your situation. Ultimately, the bank wants to work with you, you just need to get them the right variables and information.
    5. Be wary of refinancing your home with credit lines that have variable rates. Although those rates may be as low as two percent right now, we all know that balloon rates have gotten a lot of people in financial trouble.

    Obviously, there is much more to learn about refinancing your home, and I am no expert or licensed broker. The best way to find out if refinancing your home is for you, is to shop around and talk to bank representatives for yourself. And if you’re interested in sports surfacing installments, you can visit


    Best choice for your home is here:

    Everything Preschool – Here We Go!

    Most people have new year’s resolution, but I have a new school year resolution. I resolve to be on top of my everything preschool mommy game, because lord knows, nobody warned me last year, so now I’m trying to know all about Mosaic Montessori which is the school my kid will be attending this year!

    I had no idea there was take-home envelopes full of paperwork, volunteer requests, home made play dough donations, hand sanitizer bottles, paper towel and toilet paper rolls to bring in, snack time, school pic nics, recitals, open houses, orientations, folders, backpacks, field trips, parties, ahhhhh! And this is just for 3-year-old preschool!

    I must have lost his folder about ten times, forgotten it was my turn to bring in a snack once, failed to label his extra pair of clothes in case of an accident, forgot about a school pic nic, you name it.

    But this year, I am back, and I am in charge. With the help from my husband who solemnly swears he will tattoo Toddler Boy’s snack days on his arm, forehead, and each finger, so I will never forget again! And Toddler Boy is so ready to go! He has been asking about school since it let out, and have been talking about his friends nonstop, antsy to see them again, which is a complete 180 from last year’s first day of school when he cried and cried and wouldn’t let me go!


    Third Pregnancy – What to Expect


    No matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your third pregnancy, there’s always surprises in store. Take it from me, a happily expectant mother of her third child.

    For instance, one of my biggest surprises was how big I got and how quick I was showing. For sure I thought I FwdsYMwas having twins, because with my first two pregnancies, I did not start showing until at least four months, where as with this third pregnancy, I was showing after even the first six weeks. Every time I saw a commercial with twins in it, I seriously thought it was a sign from God, telling me to prepare for my precious baby twins, who would angelically be bouncing on my lap, giggling joyously (Even though with the reality of having my two toddlers so close in age, I’m not sure where I came up with that fantasy).

    But, low and behold, at my 10-week appointment, when the doctor squirted the cold jelly on my belly, and gently spread it with her Doppler, there was only one heartbeat. I thought for sure there must be two heartbeats in there; they’re just super-synced! And then the first trimester screening came, and there was just one little baby on that sonogram screen. I just bought a test to reveal the gender of my baby, and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail! I’m so excited.

    This is because apparently it’s very common for a woman’s body during the third pregnancy to get ready early for coming stages. This means that the uterus expands sooner because the body is basically trained to know what’s coming next. The early weight gain and bone structure expansion comes with it as well. Again, the body knows that the bum needs some extra cushion to catch up with the belly! Sure enough, with this third pregnancy, I have gained weight much more steadily than the past two pregnancies, as you yourself may experience during your third pregnancy as well.

    And with that extra weight, comes some extra fatigue. Not just because of your body getting ready for the baby, but because when it’s your third pregnancy, you’ve obviously got two other little ones to run after as well! At first, I felt a little bad for the kiddies that I was getting tired so easily and therefore wasn’t doing as many activities with them as usual during my first trimester. But as my doctor reminded me, there’s nothing you can do about the way your body reacts to the pregnancy, and if your body’s telling you you need sleep, it’s not too selfish to get some rest, especially because you’re not just looking after yourself, but for the baby in the belly as well.

    But the best thing about the third pregnancy has been to have two extra little persons to share the experience with. They are both conscious enough to be able to talk about the baby, to be there for fun and important appointments mommy and daddy: such as the anatomy screening, and help you get the baby’s brain moving early by talking to the belly with you. My eldest is constantly caressing the belly, and kissing the belly, and asking questions about the third baby like at the pool he asks, “Is the baby swimming with us right now?” Or when I apply lotion on the belly: “Why are you putting cream all over the baby?!” I use the best lotion products from orogold reviews and tutorials, you should check them out.

    What about you, ladies? Any weird third pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing or have experienced?

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