Today’s Small SPotlight is dedicated to miraclechild.org. That’s because when families are struggling with an illness in their lives that’s stricken their children, they not only need hope to be working towards a cure, but they need an outlet for their grief. According to their website, “Miracle Child On-Line is a ministry where hurting parents can read touching stories about how faith in Jesus has helped others have hope.  If you have lost a child,
Fashion isn’t just about looking good for other people. In some muslim cultures, the women walk around all day outside of their homes fully covered in dark-fabric. What’s underneath that? Fabulous fashion and multi-colored jewelry, and the best super ideal cut diamonds you could ever see. We do something similar to that. We dress ourselves in mommy-appropriate clothes, but you know that we all desperately still want to feel beautiful, and yes, even sexy to
It started out of nowhere. I mean weaning my son at 14 months was actually not that big of a deal. He seemed to wean himself and not ask for it much. I would have breastfed longer if I hadn’t been pregnant with my second child. But, alas, it was done. Where it all began… That’s why I was surprised when all of a sudden when he was a little over two years old, he