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A Valentine’s Day gift isn’t any good unless it’s unique and from the heart…but it’s even better if it is also an inexpensive gift. And to accomplish that, all you have to do is make your Valentine a basket! It’s heartfelt, it’s special, and if you do it right, it won’t cost you too much at all. The special thing about the gift basket is that it is personalized to the person you are giving
We were asked to type up our favorite summer recipes for my son’s kindergarden glass, so I figured I would share it with you all! Hopefully it’ll bring a warm breeze to your heart, as you think of hotter days! ; – ) Simple Pasta Primavera This recipe is a perfect, quick, meal solution with most of your food groups! Prep time: About 15 minutes INGREDIENTS: One box of (8 servings) Barilla Penne Pasta One