As gross as it may sound, you can’t decifer the drinkability (Ya, I said drinkability) of brestmilk by how chunky it is, or what color it’s turned. I know, if you’re not currently breastfeeding, that’s not the most appetizing topic. So how do you know whether breastmilk is still good or not then? If it smells or tastes sour, pitch it. Mostly, taste and smell. If it’s still good, it should pretty much be odorless,
Advertisement Since I needed a holiday food safety tip myself, I thought I’d do the research for all of you as well. Because the best thing about the holidays for me, is that my husband actually cooks the whole thing, and then I have leftovers to feed my kids for days afterward. But how many days does it really last? Well, this might not seem appetizing, but some of the food can last up to
Like I said, I’m a working mom, and a mom working at home. How? One of the perks of running a small business is that I have a small office that I’ve literally fully turned into a nursery/play room. I mean literally – we painted it green, took out the desk, added a tv with dvd player, play table, toy chests, pack n’ play, Cars lounge chair, ecc. Before baby number two came along, I