Miracle Child

Today’s Small SPotlight is dedicated to miraclechild.org. That’s because when families are struggling with an illness in their lives that’s stricken their children, they not only need hope to be working towards a cure, but they need an outlet for their grief.

According to their website, “Miracle Child On-Line is a ministry where hurting parents can read touching stories about how faith in Jesus has helped others have hope.  If you have lost a child, or your child has cancer or has struggled to survive, please have hope.  For God said that His plans for you are good.  He is with you now and will be forever.”

Fashion for Yourself

Fashion isn’t just about looking good for other people. In some muslim cultures, the women walk around all day outside of their homes fully covered in dark-fabric. What’s underneath that? Fabulous fashion and multi-colored jewelry, and the best super ideal cut diamonds you could ever see. We do something similar to that. We dress ourselves in mommy-appropriate clothes, but you know that we all desperately still want to feel beautiful, and yes, even sexy to our husbands at times.

But it’s so hard to feel like that when we’ve packed on baby weight and assumed our battle wounds- stretch marks. That’s why I recommend going for the silky tank tops to top off our undergarments. The perfect look is a silky, v-neck, spaghetti-strap tank top to match a pair of boy short panties. Theses two pieces help to make you look slimmer, and even add an extra layer of fabric to, let’s face it, mask the little bit of extra ripples that we’re still trying to work off. i have even taken to wearing hats some days. It is just something to change it up a bit. I found some really nice ones at http://www.furhatworld.com/classic-trapper-hats-c-131.html

My Toddler’s Frisky Hands

It started out of nowhere. I mean weaning my son at 14 months was actually not that big of a deal. He seemed to wean himself and not ask for it much. I would have breastfed longer if I hadn’t been pregnant with my second child. But, alas, it was done.

Where it all began...

Where it all began...

That’s why I was surprised when all of a sudden when he was a little over two years old, he began to have the need to stick his hand down the middle of my shirt and yes, sometimes, even on my actual nipple. Embarrassing, but true. And since he sleeps in bed with me ( Another bad habit I’m working on), it often disrupts my sleep.

So I asked my doctor about it, of course. I thought it might have been out of jealousy of his younger, still nursing, baby sister, but apparently not. My doctor told me that her own daughter, which is a single child and about the same age as my son, has been doing the same thing, and not just to get herself to sleep either. But as a public display of affection for her mother, if ya get my drift!

What does she attribute this behavior to? Just a simple a stage of a growing toddler. Even though they can walk and talk and begin to do some things for themselves, they still want the comfort of their mommy. So all you can do is be consistent with just continuing to pull his or her hand out of your shirt and letting them know that you don’t like that. But be loving and gentle about it, because like I said, they do it for comfort, and you don’t want to shock them into feeling like you still can’t be a source of love and comfort for them.

Bottle for Breastfed Babies

Adiri Natural Nurser

Before this bottle came along, my breastfed babies would refuse to eat when I’d leave the house. Leaving my breastfed first-born with my husband was hell, because he’d literally scream the whole time I was gone because he was hungry and would not eat from regular bottle nipples.

But Adiri Natural Nurser finally figured it out for breastfed babies. Its wider nipple diameter and shorter, rounder tip shape simulate the comfort of an actual breast. It goes in stages, like any other bottle, in increments of three months. It also has features to prevent colic – its “leak-resistant Petal vent prevente your baby from ingesting extra air,” the bottle’s package highlights. It is also BPA free.

The only negative aspect of this breastfed baby-friendly bottle is that unlike other bottles, the nipple and actual bottle are all one piece, and the bottle is kind of expensive. So when your breastfed baby surpasses each stage, you can’t just buy a new nipple, you have to buy a whole new bottle with cap and everything. Also, it is not dishwasher safe, and you should not submerge it in water.

Despite those small setbacks, this bottle for breastfed babies still received the “Medical Design Award” for assisting the transfer from a breast to a bottle. It was about time someone made this product! It’s one of those things we all wished existed and alas, it finally exists! Now why didn’t I think of that?!

Oh, by the way…it’s much cheaper to buy this bottle on amazon than it is to buy it from a retail store. It’s about half the cost, and well worth it.

Children’s Miracle Network

Today’s miracle spotlight is the Children’s Miracle Network. 17 million lives are not only touched each year byt the CMN, but are saved. “Children’s Miracle Network’s mission is to generate funds and awareness programs in partnership with and for the benefit of member hospitals/foundations and the children they are privileged to serve,” their website states.

They do this by raising funds to make sure that kids get back to health in more than 170 children’s hospitals.

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