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Non-Safety Related Recall of Some H1N1 Nasal Spray Vaccines, Pediatric Alliance Says

thermalI received an update about H1N1 virus that was sent to my by my local pediatrician, Pediatric Alliance.

The e-mail stated: “There has been a voluntary recall of specific lots of nasal spray H1N1 vaccine. The recall is due to manufacturer quality assurance measures indicating a decreased potency in some batches of the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that there are no safety concerns. The slight decrease in potency should not affect how the vaccine works, and children who received the doses in question do NOT need to be re-vaccinated.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave more information on their website by writing: “First, it is important to point out that the recall is not safety-related. As part of its quality assurance program, the manufacturer of the nasal spray monovalent 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine, MedImmune, performs routine, ongoing stability testing of the vaccine. Stability testing means measuring the strength (also called potency) of the vaccine over time to make sure it does not go below a pre-specified limit during the vaccine’s “shelf life.” On December 18 and 21, the manufacturer notified CDC and FDA that the potency in 13 batches (called “lots”) of nasal spray vaccine had decreased below the pre-specified limit or were at risk of falling below that limit within the upcoming week. The vaccine was within the specified range at the time the vaccine was distributed. The slight decrease in potency should not affect how the vaccine works. However, the manufacturer will send providers directions for returning any unused vaccine from these lots.”

Persons who received vaccine for the H1N1 virus from the recalled batches do NOT need to take any action or contact their health care provider.

Breast Feeding Tips 101

I put together a few breast feeding tips, because I think you should definitely breast feed if you can. It saves you money, it’s good for your baby, it’s an awesome bonding experience, and best of all, I weigh 108 pounds because of it (You burn 500-800 calories a day breast feeding).

What you need to do when you get to the hospital to deliver, is let your doctor and nurse know you’re planning on breast feeding. Most hospitals have lactation consultants that are happy to walk you through breast feeding step by step. Also, Women Infants and Children (WIC) is a big advocate of breast feeding, so they will send follow-up breast feeding consultants to your home for free. No matter what your income. They also will provide you with free Medela electric, and manual breast pumps if you meet requirements. They are custom-made for WIC, and they are excellent.

Your lactation consultant will probably recommend a support brest feeding pillow. Boppy makes a great one, with fun pillow cases, that I buy up like candy.

An electric breast pump is really only necessary if you are working or in school. If not, then a manual hand held breast pump will do. Just so you have it if you need to leave your baby for more than a few hours. Or, if your baby has an easy time with the bottle, then it will be useful to have an electric pump to bring bottles with you on outings. But, your health insurance might fully cover the rental or even purchase of electric breast pumps, so why not.

But keep in mind that breastfed babies do have difficulty with the bottle, so you’ll also need to invest in some breast-friendly bottles. Definitely talk to your pediatrician and breast feeding consultant about when you should actually introduce a pacifier and bottle to your breast-feeding baby.

So if your baby is a bottle-hater like mine, you might find yourself breast feeding in public – yep – the big controversy. Even though I swore to myself up and down I would never do that, I do that – a lot. But I do cover up. So you might want to buy one of those breast feeding ponchos that look like a fashionable cover-up. Or what I do is wear a tank top underneath all my shirts. I pull up the top shirt, and pull down my tank top. That covers things all around. If you’re at the mall, a lot of department stores do have family rooms that are breastfeeding friendly.

I do have some nursing bras, but sports bras are just as functional and flexible. Just pull them down. I also suggest buying both cloth and disposable breast pads. You’ll have the cloth ones when you run out of the disposable ones and don’t get a change to get to the store. Because, let’s face it, ya just had a baby. I also wear sports bras to bed, obviously to hold up the breast pads, and also to decrease the chances of sagging.

But I could go on and on about breast feeding and associated gadgets. Just ask me anything! I always have more breast feeding tips. breastfeeding

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Diets Will be the Death of Me

With the combination of breastfeeding and dairy free and gluten free diets, I’ve lost a lot of weight. This is not by choice, but it’s by dedication. My husband was told by his doctors about a month ago that he might have Celiac Disease, and my toddler has been slowly having allergic symptoms that have gone from mild to seriously flared up in the past two weeks. They hit peak over the past few days, so we’ve scheduled appointments with his pediatrician, who is referring us to an allergist, and also are consulting with a homeopathic allergen specializing doctor.

So obviously, it’s safety first – kids first. But people, I am starving. I mean like give me a cheese burger right freaking now. On New Year’s Eve we went to a friend of ours’ home. She also has gluten allergies and is trying to instill this diet in her son because he has ADHD, and it’s been proven that gluten free diets seriously improve the symptoms of ADHD.

So she made delicious gluten free spaghetti with meatball tomato sauce, and sweet gluten free peanut butter cookies. We brought over gluten free beer, Red Bridge, and gluten free hummus that my husband made with a veggie tray. So we had a lot of food, and believe me I ate a lot, as I always do. And before that, we even had rice with tuna, beans and corn for dinner at home. So again, I’m talking an all out feast, practically. Well wouldn’t you know it that as we drive home from the party on New Years, I was STARVING. I felt like I hadn’t eaten all day, which clearly was not the case. Especially because I’d also had a beer, which regular beers usually leaves me feeling very bloated in itself.

My husband and the homeopathic allergist have explained to me that I only think I am starving. But rather, what is happening is that cheese and gluten release the same chemicals in your brain, as if I were doing cocaine or heroin. So you know how people will say, “I’m like addicted to cheese and bread?” Well you’re not like addicted, ya apparently really are. Who knew?!

But because I don’t actually have those allergies myself, I could actually eat bread and cheese and be fine. But, ladies, we all know how a toddler gets when he sees something and wants it. And since my son has mastered the kitchen gate that once served so well as a fort (It’s funny because once he passes the gates he compulsively has to shut it behind him. He doesn’t get that that gate is there solely for the purpose to keep him out. He makes me laugh) we’ve had to eliminate all dairy and gluten products from our kitchen.

So because, like I said, I totally respect and understand the important correlation between a child’s diet and their health/behavior, I’m gonna keep at it. I’ll just have to sneak in some of the hardy stuff when I’m not with my toddler to keep my body able to catch up with the calories I’m burning by breastfeeding. But I’m gonna be honest with you before I go home from work I’m gonna stop to get a couple hot dogs. With buns. Oh and nachos. Mmmm.

By the way, if any of those gluten free and dairy free foods sounded good to you (They’re very, very good), there’s some great recipes that we found in Paleo Cookbook and Gluten Free Low Glycemic Cookbook for Diabetics and Allergy Sufferers.

The Difference Between Men and Women

strongwomanIt’s not until I started to live with my Husby and we started to have kids together that I really realized the difference between men and women.

For example, last night for New Year’s eve the difference between men and women was blaring like a powerful set of high beams. Husby and I (I decided to start calling him Husby and not Hubby. Up for a change I guess) took the kids over to the home of an old friend of his and his wife. Ive been getting along really well with his wife, and their two youngest kids are the same age as our own two kids, so it’s a lot of fun.

Well, it wasn’t long before the men started to seclude themselves and decided to cook themselves up a few steaks, followed by building fire in the basement (A.k.a. man cave) for the next two hours while bonding over beers. In the meantime, the mommies were upstairs ogling over how cute the kids were – intermittently breastfeeding, wiping up spit, cleaning bums, feeding spaghetti, keeping kids away from to many cookies, ecc. It’s just so funny – it’s 2010, and we’re still reverting back to our natural instincts. The women feel compelled to stay after the kids, holding down the fort, and the men just want to have a pow wow by the fire, playing few rounds of chess while watching the game on tv.

But that’s just what I’ve been noticing. At least with the mommies I’ve been hanging with. The mommies feel compelled to stick with the kids and make sure everything is all right, and the daddies just crave that male alone time.

Recently Klove radio announced a study that said that women have less spare time than men. That’s because we always feel like we have to be doing something like cooking or cleaning, or running errands, while the men are perfectly content with relaxing.

I was talking to my mother in law about this, and she agreed. Women have no problem doing everything. We actually like doing everything. The conflict with the men arises when we don’t receive recognition for what we do. We want to do everything, and be recognized for it by the men. We want to be acknowledged by our efforts. Whereas men don’t need that kind of gratification most of the time. They just are happy with going to work providing for their family, and that’s that. They don’t really even want thanked for that. But that’s as far as it goes.

So that’s it, husbies, although I doubt you’re the ones reading my blog, all you need to do to understand your wife, is just listen to what she says, and give compliments for all the hard work that she does! And women, pretty much we just need to give the husbies the space they want when they want it, otherwise we just come out looking like the nagging wives. And that my friends, is the difference between men and women!

Holiday Food Safety Tips


Since I needed a holiday food safety tip myself, I thought I’d do the research for all of you as well. Because the best thing about the holidays for me, is that my husband actually cooks the whole thing, and then I have leftovers to feed my kids for days afterward. But how many days does it really last?

Well, this might not seem appetizing, but some of the food can last up to a week in your fridge if it is at 41 degrees. Of course for best quality, though, you want to eat it within 3-4 days.

You  also want to make sure that it did not sit out for longer than 2 hours prior to going in the fridge; if it did, it’s time to toss it. Also, don’t store any food in the door of your fridge. It is the warmest part of the fridge, and the food will get exposed to room temperature way too much when you open and close it. turkey

If you want the food to last you longer, you can put it in freezerlock bags and keep it in the freezer for up to 30 days. Again, do not store it in the door of the freezer either. The best place to keep food cold is in the way back corners of the fridge or freezer.

Also, once you’ve reheated food, you gotta eat it. Do not put it back in the fridge or freezer. It’ll be bad next time around.If you follow these simple holiday food safety tips, you should be good and healthy.

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