Has Technology Revolutionized Writing Thank You Cards? I kinda hope so…

During my studies for my bachelor’s in professional writing a few of us won a scholarship in the field of English studies including writing and education and research majors etc. And I was beyond excited and appreciative of this much-needed scholarship. Both years of winning this scholarship the Communications or English or Whatever department sat all the winners down in an office at a specific time and gave us all matching thank-you-cards and matching pens and a typed-up matching template that we were to follow to make sure we thanked the donor of the money for the scholarship the right way.

Ok, did anybody catch that? We won scholarships in the English studies field at a collegiate level and they practically held our hands and watched us write thank you notes. I’m not exactly sure who they were actually. But anyway the point is that that might have been the beginning of me hating and dreading thank-you notes. I protested the process and swore that those writing skills they’d been teaching me would actually come in handy for the task, and that I really wanted to just write my own. No cigar.

So now I’m very picky at the specific thank you card, the specific salutation, the specific message — honestly the bestthanks gift a friend could give me is excusing me from writing a thank-you card. Especially because as soon as I start trying to write them, it’s like a bird call for my one-year old and toddler to come charging in the room, demanding to hold my pen and rip the cards into tiny pieces of paper so they can throw them around the room…that I then will try to vacuum up in the midst of yet more protests and screams from the kids, demanding to hold the vacuum cleaner.

So it speaks greatly of my friendship with someone if they get a thank you note that just says, “Thank you for the wonderful gift.” The simplicity of the message just shows how comfortable I am with you. Then if you really don’t get one at all, that means I really, really, really love you. Thanks, mom and dad and mom-in-law, dad-in-law, and brothers, sisters.

IIIIII’mmmmm juuussttt kiidddiiinggg. I do understand the importance of thank-you notes, and do want to express my appreciation to people but what my question is, is this – can I send a text message, e-mail, or phone call to express the gratitude? Does a face-to-face thank you replace the thank you note in the mail? How about  cyber thank you card? Do those count? Weight in! Help a girl out!

Could it be? A Few Words on the Accuracy of Negative Pregnancy Tests

When one thinks about the accuracy of negative pregnancy tests, the scenarios you’ve seen on your favorite sitcom probably aren’t valid stories to base your worries on. You know what I’m talking about: sitcom girl thinks she’s pregnant, sitcom girl takes pregnancy test, sitcom girl sees test is negative so sitcom girl throws test out, and then the camera zooms in on the test as sitcom girl walks away, and viewers see that the test turns from a negative to a positive, unbeknownst to sitcom girl! And then of course you gasp because sitcom girl, who happens to be your all-time favorite sitcom icon, is actually pregnant! Well, let me assure you that if that were to happen in real life, it still would not mean that your are pregnant.

That’s because, as long as you wait the 14 days after possible conception, and follow the easy directions of your regular pregnancy test, they’re usually as accurate as the urine tests you take at the doctor’s office. About 97 % accurate, to be specific. And if a test result turns from negative to positive, it’s usually just because you waited too long to look at it. Usually the directions that come with a test will tell you that if you wait longer than 2-3 minutes, the test is invalid.

But is there one pregnancy test that is more accurate than the other? Should you dish out twenty bucks for the reliability of the name brand test, rather than cheaping out on the dollar store test? Well, according to a former marketing specialist from Thermo Fisher Scientific (Thermo Fisher Scientific sells analytical instruments, reagents and consumables, laboratory equipment, and software services), it makes no difference at all. Every test is made from the same ingredients, that are sold by the same company, to all the different pregnancy test manufacturers. Now, whether these pregnancy test manufacturers use different amounts of the ingredients in each pregnancy test, is a different story. So I always laugh when in the movies when I see the prospective-pregnant woman with ten different tests from ten different brands because all the tests are potentially the same.

There is a difference, though, in the clarity of the response of a pregnancy test when it comes to a digital test and a nondigital test. Digital tests will literally tell you straight up “pregnant” or “not pregnant,” whereas with the traditional nondigital result test, you’re playing with lines, equal signs, plus signs, smileys, pictures of cats training with a litter box, just kidding…but you get the idea. So if you do want to splurge on more clarity of response, you can go with the digital, but in terms of accuracy, they are still all pretty much the same.

So why spend the extra money thinking you’re getting more accuracy out of a negative or positive pregnancy test if you spend more, when you get the same accuracy no matter what you spend.

prospective mother

House Cleaning Tips that Require No Cleaning Products

panWe’re all too familiar with the current economic situation, and the new-found studies leading to the benefits of going natural. Well, here’s few  house cleaning tip like the Green Ladies Cleaning for dish washing, cleaning silver, and cleaning floors with odor neutralizer cleaning products. Investing in a steam cleaner is an amazing idea it helps disinfect and clean stains off the floor, I also recommend to get lithofin from Atlas in Hampshire to protect your floors from any damages. Here are some of the best floor steam cleaner.

Dish Washing

Clean water is very important to us. Because of that, I did fleck water softener review as part of our drinking routine. After tap was put in after the whole softening process takes place – tbh I haven’t noticed any difference in the taste of the water, DH reckons it tasts nicer. I have noticed a very slight salty taste from the upstairs taps (it’s only an extra tap at our sink that goes through the thingy to remove the salt from it) when brushing my teeth but I could be imagining that because I know there’s salt in it! Anyway, I’ve been checking out the Restoration costs from flood of Aliso Viejo home just in case I need it in the future.

I have used this method a million times, even after, I’m not gonna lie to you, like two days before cleaning the dishes after a heavy duty cooking frenzy. And it’s prevented little tantrums that I would normally throw because I’d have to sit in the kitchen and scrub dishes rather than enjoying the company of my little baby girl and toddler boy. Is the same when we did the garage cleaning, we had some much trash, that eventually was easier to take everything and throwing away using a service of cleaning dumpsters from Crmrolloff.com, than take the time to select every item and deciding that we would want to keep and what not.

All you have to do is this:

  1. Put about a half inch-high worth of water in your pan.
  2. Heat it on medium heat.
  3. After about 30 seconds to a minute, take a plastic spatula  and start scraping away at the gunk. (By the way this site is giving some spatulas away for free right now)
  4. You’ll see that the residue will come off very easily.
  5. Once you’ve scraped it all off, simply scrape it into the trash.
  6. Now, simply wash your pot or pan as you normally would in the sink, or in the dish washer!
  7. It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s painless, and it’s a natural degreaser!

Wiping Just About Anything

Another great tip for cleaning dishes is to save money on sponges, and using wash rags instead. They accumulate less germs, and you can throw them in the washer and use them again and again and again. And you can save money and trees and do without paper towel by using wash rags instead as well to wipe your counters and cabinets, bathrooms, etc. Also, there’s NEO Home Renovations to make your home better, and the furnace repair services in San diego can help you with any heating issues you may have. I use them instead of a mop, too. The best way to clean your floors is to get down and dirty and wipe them with a wash rag. You have more control because you’re directly using your arm to scrub, rather than guiding a mop that probably won’t scrub that well.

Cleaning Silver

I was born and partly raised in Italy, and in Italy it is a big tradition for the women to have a collection of silver trays, tea sets, etc. to decorate their homes. It’s also a big Italian tradition for newlyweds to get tons of silver as a present. So, I grew up cleaning my mom’s silver at least once a month, otherwise it gets black and doesn’t shine as much. It was horrible. The chemicals dry out you hand and smell funky, then you have to wash them off, and dry the silver, then put it all back. I only go out of doing this in the past few years cuz I had kids, but I can bet I would still be doing it otherwise. Little did I know, that I could have been cleaning it with baking soda all along. All you do is wet a dusting cloth, and dip into baking soda paste, and use that to wipe clean the silver. You want to use a tooth brush and baking soda paste to get into all the nifty little grooves and details in the decorative silver. You can also fill a bath tup with water and pur baking soda in it. Then, put all your silver in it and wipe it clean in there. Make sure you wipe it clean, or you will leave water spots.

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If you’ve got more chemical free house cleaning tips that don’t require cleaning products, feel free to add them. We can always use more inexpensive and easy cleaning methods!