Why do maternity photos? And how the heck do you do pregnancy shots?

When my brother,  One Way Street Production photographer approached me about doing a maternity shoot, I was excited, but a little clueless. We’d always done family photo shoots with him and had focused on the kids, but I had no idea what to expect or what to do about the fact that these photos were going to be centered around the pregnant belly.

“What’s the point?” Asked my husband. “We have a camera. We can take pictures of your belly.” But the thing was, I was eight months pregnant, and there still wasn’t a single photo of baby number 3 in the belly.

So I wanted to do this. And to be honest, I was excited about doing some unique maternity photos of how big the belly had gotten, and to be able to show the new little baby boy just how loved he was from the get-go, and how huge he was in my stomach!

Although I was still clueless, so of course I started Googling sample photos. And everybody was naked! Naked mommies, naked daddies, naked bellies, naked babies…not exactly the family dynamic I wanted to focus on. And I especially couldn’t picture my husband being in on such intimate photos being modeled out in front of my brother behind a camera. When you want your shape to retain back to the original sexy you, contact Dr Choy. He is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that specializes in it.


So I decided to do something that was going to make everybody happy. I really wanted to focus on the relationship between baby boy’s older siblings and him, and maybe get some frames of my husband handling the belly (Which he loves to do day and night…even when I’m trying to sleep).

But as child photography should go, the kids who usually are all about the belly, would not pose for the camera, but we still got some pretty good shots with them and the baby in the belly! We were dealing with One Way Street Production after all.

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

But what do you do if you want to do shots, and you don’t have baby’s older siblings to help you out with that? You can pin down whatever hobby you and your partner may have, or include your pets, too! That’s what my brother did when he had a fellow photography friends, Michael Will Photography, document his own wife’s pregnant belly.  Check them out at http://michaelwillblog.com/2011/10/heather-michel-pittsburgh-maternity-photos/!

Everything Preschool – Here We Go!

Most people have new year’s resolution, but I have a new school year resolution. I resolve to be on top of my everything preschool mommy game, because lord knows, nobody warned me last year, so now I’m trying to know all about Mosaic Montessori which is the school my kid will be attending this year!

I had no idea there was take-home envelopes full of paperwork, volunteer requests, home made play dough donations, hand sanitizer bottles, paper towel and toilet paper rolls to bring in, snack time, school pic nics, recitals, open houses, orientations, folders, backpacks, field trips, parties, ahhhhh! And this is just for 3-year-old preschool!

I must have lost his folder about ten times, forgotten it was my turn to bring in a snack once, failed to label his extra pair of clothes in case of an accident, forgot about a school pic nic, you name it.

But this year, I am back, and I am in charge. With the help from my husband who solemnly swears he will tattoo Toddler Boy’s snack days on his arm, forehead, and each finger, so I will never forget again! And Toddler Boy is so ready to go! He has been asking about school since it let out, and have been talking about his friends nonstop, antsy to see them again, which is a complete 180 from last year’s first day of school when he cried and cried and wouldn’t let me go!


Extreme Couponing: The New Art of Mommyhood

When I first saw the show, rabattkod – kupongerna cdon on TLC, I thought I could never do that. I don’t have time for it, I don’t wanna stock pile etc. Not to mention, with two toddlers and a baby on the way, I don’t have the brainpower or the organization necessary that the ladies on the TV show have. But there is a moderate way to extreme coupon that even a full-time mom with a full-time job can handle. And it’s worth it. Here are some great family tips from http://www.gohenryreview.com:

I don’t exactly pile bins of toilet paper under my toddler’s bed, but I have indeed gotten my share out of my coupons. But, like I said, moderately: just getting my feet wet. And here is what I have learned:

  1. Definitely check out the store’s coupon policies before you go and try to use a bunch of coupons, and also make sure to check the online coupon codes before doing online shopping. For example, my grocery store accepts double coupons, but only up to a 99 cent total. And what good does that do me? Target, on the other hand, accepts three of the same coupons per one item, which is how I got my boxes of Organic Fruit Rollups and Nature Valley Granola Bars for literally pennies.
  2. When relying on newspapers to extreme coupon, you need to buy at least six Sunday papers in order for them to add up enough to count.

  3. Self checkout lines are often testy to use for coupons because often the drop slot for the coupons doesn’t recognize that you actually dropped them in, and therefore won’t count them. Which is why it was very tricky for me to get my Tide stain lifting tablets, but in the end, I did get them for $1.00 versus $8.99 with the help of a customer rep.
  4. Ask all your friends and family to save up the mailer coupons they get, such as Redplum or P&G saver. You can combine them all to get a pretty good deal. They’ll love to help you out if it means getting rid of what they consider junk mail. It gives them an extra perk if you bring back a treat or two you extreme couponed for them, or if you pr0mise to put aside coupons for a product they buy all the time (Such as my sister’s favorite eye shadow or prenatal vitamin).
  5. Look for coupons at your pediatrician’s office. Every time I go in, there’s stacks and stacks and stacks of coupons for lotions, Children’s Advil, etc.

I hope to have more pointers for you as I learn the tricks of the trade myself. But for now, I’m enjoying couponing as my new hobby: especially if it gives me an excuse to sit and clip coupons in front of my favorite TV show after the kids go to bed!