Natural Flu Remedies

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant mom, you can’t indulge in non-natural flu remedies. You have to rely on natural flu remedies to help you feel better. And the best part about these natural flu remedies, is that they actually attack the cause for the symptoms; natural flu remedies don’t just simply mask the symptoms. Below, see a list of suggestions that are pain-free and effective!

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide– Do this especially when you are starting to feel the flu coming on, and then continue to do it throughout your illness. This is a great natural flu remedy. You have to use the 3 % solution though. Dillute it 50/50 in the cap of the bottle, and dip a q-tip in it. Then, clean your ear out with it in and out. Then, use a few drops of water to flush it out. This will attack the actual flu and help to keep it from coming on or just shorten your sickness time. You can read blogs from MyBiosource Learning Center to learn about the different diseases going around.
  2. Salt Water- We all know the old trick of gargling with it, and it works! But you also can make a more salty solution and sniff it into your nose. It will open your nostrils right up.
  3. Vitamin C– For adults, triple your intake of Vitamin C during the duration of your flu.
  4. Garlic-Eat lots of it. It boosts your motabolism and immune system.
  5. Steam it out-Something that will make you feel instantly better is taking a really, hot steamy (Obviously not burning) shower or bath. It’ll open up your sinuses and pores.

Smoothie Diet

I did a toned down version of the smoothie diet during the first 3-4 months of having my daughter, and the smoothie diet mixed with me breastfeeding got me down to weighing less than my pre-pregnancy weight. So how did I do the smoothie diet? I would more call it a smoothie diet mixed with a cereal and dinner diet, haha. So that way you don’t starve yourself, there is also other diets as the ketosis diet which you could read more here.

For breakfast, I would have a small bowl of what I c all wholesome cereal. No junk, sugary, honey cereal. Just simple corn flakes or crisp rice or wheat squares. Obviously, I would have it with low fat milk. I would drink water, not juice, to reduce the calorie intake.

Lunch is where the smoothie diet really kicks in. I would mix the following ingredients to make my smoothie:

1 cup 98 percent fat free liquid yogurt.

4 ounces of sliced, no sugar added, strawberries (Frozen or fresh)

1 banana

About 22 oz of ice

I’d add it all into the blender and hit the puree’ button for about 30 seconds, and voila, you have lunch. This portion of the smoothie diet is actually even more filling than breakfast, and will keep you satisfied until dinner. See? No starving.

So then what do you have for dinner when you’re on the smoothie diet? The key is portion control, and paying attention to the food pyramid. Definitely try to have one serving from the meats group, one portion from the veggies, and one portion of the wheat and grains group. Again, think proportionate servings to not send the calorie count of the smoothie diet out of whack. smoothie_drinks

As with any other diet, the smoothie diet will be more successful if you combine it with exercise, and of course, I also recommend getting your hands on the prohormones, you will see an inmate improvement for sure!

Fashion for Yourself

Fashion isn’t just about looking good for other people. In some muslim cultures, the women walk around all day outside of their homes fully covered in dark-fabric. What’s underneath that? Fabulous fashion and multi-colored jewelry, and the best super ideal cut diamonds you could ever see. We do something similar to that. We dress ourselves in mommy-appropriate clothes, but you know that we all desperately still want to feel beautiful, and yes, even sexy to our husbands at times.

But it’s so hard to feel like that when we’ve packed on baby weight and assumed our battle wounds- stretch marks. That’s why I recommend going for the silky tank tops to top off our undergarments. The perfect look is a silky, v-neck, spaghetti-strap tank top to match a pair of boy short panties. Theses two pieces help to make you look slimmer, and even add an extra layer of fabric to, let’s face it, mask the little bit of extra ripples that we’re still trying to work off. i have even taken to wearing hats some days. It is just something to change it up a bit. I found some really nice ones at