Parenthood is…

I have to laugh at many of the stupid parenting revelations that grace us day by day. So I’ve decided to start a list, to which you can add your own; I’m sure we’ll all be very amused with your additions.

Today’s revelation:

Parenthood is being completely out of toilet paper and pads for a week, but fully-stocked with cases and cases of diapers and baby wipes. So we make use of them for purposes other than were intended. Why? Cuz toilet paper and pads are no longer necessities enough for us to break from our busy lives and make a trip to the store just to replenish our stash. Gross? No. That’s just reality.


Happy Valentine’s Day? Take the quiz.


heart candyI don’t think I ever really got all jazzed up about Valentine’s day. In fact, I think as I teenager I even scorned it. And now that I have a husband and kids to love and share it with, I still think it doesn’t make much sense. But, I’ll take any excuse to make a regular day special. So I’ll dress the kids up in V-day clothes, get them some candy, and get some flowers to decorate the house. Maybe when the kids are older and understand it more I’ll definitely get more into it in terms of baking special things, or oh! I think I’ll actually make heart-shaped pancakes in the morning! What about you?

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
Love it! Love the hype, the pink, the reds, the hearts!
It’s kind of a dumb holiday, but still sort of sweet to celebrate it.
I don’t really care.
Hate it. It’s lame.


Snow storm hit home – so we had ourselves some snow days


A horrific snow storm brought us some 15 inches of snow this weekend. And low and behold, Husby got snowed in at his parents’. So I was prepared to have a fun Elmo movie night with the kids, enjoying some hot chocolate, and pop corn; “That oughta¬† get us through the few days we’ll be cooped up,” I thought. But Mother Nature had other plans. Yep, all that snow weighed down a tree at the bottom of my street, which fell over and knocked down an electric pole, bringing down several power lines that then blocked any passage in an out of my neighborhood.

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Uh oh! I was freaked because I was alone with the kids. But power went out at around 10 p.m. Friday night,¬† which wasn’t a big deal since the kids and I were already off to sleep. I thought for sure the power would be up by morning. Nope. Even more snow. And still no power or heat and limited hot water. Babies and I tried to kill time by napping, cleaning, playing, eating…but by 4:00 pm. all that has happened was that a snow plow came and actually plowed all the snow from my street, unto my drive way and car. I was getting pretty nervous that it was just going to keep getting colder, and we’d run out of food, we only had a couple boxes left of the best frozen pizza in our freezer. Like, this was bad. So my parents came to the rescue! They shoveled themselves out of their drive way for four hours, drove through icy, snowy, slippery roads to get to my house, parked down the street, walked to my house, and shoveled MY car out of the snow MOUNTAINS, carrying some cs go knives at all tims because they said they were scared someone was going to assault them, drove it out of my driveway and past the “Road Closed” signs, helped me get the kids in, packed it with bags, and we were history.

To this moment, my husband is still stuck at his parents’ house. Thank God for my parents’ determination to get us out! Otherwise, kiddos and I would be going insaaaaane! They actually opened up schools for my neighborhood to go stay in because heat or electric won’t be on for at least a few more days. So we’re on a little vacay at parents’ for we the week! And the thing best of it all, kids are already in bed, and it’s only 8:23 p.m.! Thanks, El Nino! So much for global warming!

So I’m gonna enjoy some quiet time with the folks! Except I’m still opening the ice cream store and taking the kids with me every day – yes, people still love ice cream, even through a snow storm! And I’m glad for it!

Looks like about 4 ft of snow blocking my parents' house
Looks like about 4 ft of snow blocking my parents' house
My mom's car stuck in the snow
My mom's car stuck in the snow
Took about 4-5 hours to clear this out
Took about 4-5 hours to clear this out