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Snow storm hit home – so we had ourselves some snow days


A horrific snow storm brought us some 15 inches of snow this weekend. And low and behold, Husby got snowed in at his parents’. So I was prepared to have a fun Elmo movie night with the kids, enjoying some hot chocolate, and pop corn; “That oughta  get us through the few days we’ll be cooped up,” I thought. But Mother Nature had other plans. Yep, all that snow weighed down a tree at the bottom of my street, which fell over and knocked down an electric pole, bringing down several power lines that then blocked any passage in an out of my neighborhood.

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Uh oh! I was freaked because I was alone with the kids. But power went out at around 10 p.m. Friday night,  which wasn’t a big deal since the kids and I were already off to sleep. I thought for sure the power would be up by morning. Nope. Even more snow. And still no power or heat and limited hot water. Babies and I tried to kill time by napping, cleaning, playing, eating…but by 4:00 pm. all that has happened was that a snow plow came and actually plowed all the snow from my street, unto my drive way and car. I was getting pretty nervous that it was just going to keep getting colder, and we’d run out of food. Like, this was bad. So my parents came to the rescue! They shoveled themselves out of their drive way for four hours, drove through icy, snowy, slippery roads to get to my house, parked down the street, walked to my house, and shoveled MY car out of the snow MOUNTAINS, carrying some cs go knives at all tims because they said they were scared someone was going to assault them, drove it out of my driveway and past the “Road Closed” signs, helped me get the kids in, packed it with bags, and we were history.

To this moment, my husband is still stuck at his parents’ house. Thank God for my parents’ determination to get us out! Otherwise, kiddos and I would be going insaaaaane! They actually opened up schools for my neighborhood to go stay in because heat or electric won’t be on for at least a few more days. So we’re on a little vacay at parents’ for we the week! And the thing best of it all, kids are already in bed, and it’s only 8:23 p.m.! Thanks, El Nino! So much for global warming!

So I’m gonna enjoy some quiet time with the folks! Except I’m still opening the ice cream store and taking the kids with me every day – yes, people still love ice cream, even through a snow storm! And I’m glad for it!

Looks like about 4 ft of snow blocking my parents' house

Looks like about 4 ft of snow blocking my parents' house

My mom's car stuck in the snow

My mom's car stuck in the snow

Took about 4-5 hours to clear this out

Took about 4-5 hours to clear this out

Graceful Baby

Yesterday was filled with Grace, as my in-laws and I welcomed a new addition to the family. My husband’s sister gave birth to her first baby, and baby boy’s arrival was filled with excitement – no that word doesn’t do it – ecstasy is more like it.

Since my husband’s sister lives in another city and my in-laws weren’t able to fly in for the official arrival, we awaited impatiently for the phone call to come through from baby-to-be’s daddy. He finally called at around 8:00 p.m. our time, and we put him on speaker phone. “Well,” he announced “Your daughter is doing great (Speaking to my in-laws),” a moment of silence “and your new grandson is doing great as well.” Even just now rewriting that sends chills of happiness through me. We all let out “Yays” and “Awwwws,” and then he announced the baby’s name; his first name after my mother-in-law’s deceased father, and his middle name after new-daddy’s recently-deceased grandfather. My mother in law’s face swelled with tears, and couldn’t stop crying of happiness. Once all weight, height, and nifty little details were cleared up (Such as big feet, big hands, and little bit of beach fuzz on his little tiny head), everyone started to make phone calls to announce his arrival.binky

What a blessing. Baby Girl and Toddler Boy are now officially cousins, and Husby and I are new uncle and aunt!

And the award for best actress goes to…mommy!


mimeRaising a toddler has developed a new skill in me, as I’m sure it has in any mother. And that is, the skill of acting! Sometimes when “No” just won’t stick, a little fibbing goes a long way. Hey, c’mon I know you do it too!

For example, when I’m snuggled up on the couch with a nice blanket, favorite show on tv, kids are in bed, and I’ve full intentions of devouring a whole box of crunchy, salty, chocolaty box of Sarris chocolate covered pretzels, and my toddler bounces out of his sleep and finds me in the living room, I just simply say: “OH! Yuck! Mommy’s pretzel medicine is dis-gus-ting!” And toss the pretzels off my lap. At which point he’s completely satisfied that he’s not missing anything, and implores me to hold his hand and take him back to bed, where he’s soon fast asleep.

Or when I’ve seriously had my fill of Caillou, Sesame Street, Angelina Ballerina, Stuart Little, I spy, Blue’s Clues, Noddy, Dragon Tales….you name it, and my toddler is demanding yet another episode, throwing his whole body into the rug, burrowing his face in his fists (Because it is clearly nap time), and saying no just eggs on this behavior, I just say “Uh! Oh! Oh no! The TV’s broken! I can’t fix it!” while sneaking the power button off behind my back on the remote. Then off we are to lie down for nap time. Most of the time he doesn’t even watch them any way – he just seems to like the background noise – like father like son!

Also, sometimes my toddler finds it funny when I trip, fall, stub my toe, scuff my knee, you name it (Which tends to occur every hour on the hour – at least), so I have to feign serious injury in order to teach him that it’s not okay to laugh if someone is seriously hurt. The crocodile tears also help when he’s being stubborn and won’t give me a hug and a kiss.

I know my brother, Mr. Army, very strict man, is shaking his head as he reads this. But the truth is, I am actually pretty severe, but at times I just don’t feel like picking a fight. That’s why I do bring Mr. Army man around every once in a while to set things straight! Just kidding! That’s what daddy’s for!

What kind of fibs do you tell your toddler? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Fireproof Your Marriage – 40 not-so-easy steps

For better or for worse, I recommend that all couples watch Fireproof the movie. By all means, my marriage is not in shambles in the least bit, but I was still able to benefit from the movie, because I’m definitely one to let the pressures and stresses of daily life leak into my attitude at home. And I have to be one of the grouchiest tired persons there are on this earth.

Not to mention, Husby and I are like salt and pepper. He’s analytical, careful, and very talkative, whereas I’m inattentive to detail, like to cut to the chase, and am done with a conversation within five minutes. He’s very careful and mindful when it comes to parenting, whereas I’m more laid back. I like stupid TV shows, and he likes informative ones – I like social events, whereas he’s more of a homebody. I’m a neat-freak who can’t concentrate with a mess, and he deems messiness as a sign of creativity. You name it. We are opposites. But, we’re exactly the same when it comes to moral issues and theories on life.

But it’s hard to focus on the positives when you’re going through the routine of daily life, and have two very active kids to top it off. Which is why it was nice to watch Fireproof the movie the other day. Fireproof is about a married couple that is just not getting along at all anymore. They are constantly bickering, and on the brink of a divorce. That’s when the husband’s father passes along a journal to him, which delegates a 40-day journey of loving steps to help him fix his marriage. Each page in the journal gave a “love dare” such as “Do something unexpectedly nice for your spouse today,” or “Set a date night to learn all about your spouse.” So he embarked on doing one love dare per day, in order to try and salvage the relationship that virtually no longer existed with his wife. He encountered resistance, challenges, and rejection, but he didn’t give up. Of course, you’ll have to watch it to see how it ends ; – ).

The really beautiful thing about this movie is that for several years Hollywood has been making movies with the so-called “Cinderella” theory. Guy meets girl, falls madly deeply, they encounter some sort of struggle, surpass it, he does something ridiculously romantic, and they get back together at the end. But you never see them getting married. You never see a movie with the “Cinderella” factor in a marriage. Thus, girls and women of the 21st century have come to acquire this attitude like “Yeah, right. That romance is only in the movies. Once you get married and have kids, it’s over.” And until I watched Fireproof, I’ve totally been a fan of that theory. And I think that’s the problem. Sure, marriages also fail because people expect them to be easy and full of rosebuds. But, they also fail because the spouses feel they no longer have to try to woo each other. So Fireproof reminds us that marriage has both of these factors. It has struggle, but it can also have romance that comes out of these struggles.

I know I sound silly saying all of this because I”m still pretty young and haven’t been married long, but I feel blessed to have been able to have access to this movie so early on. I actually bought this movie for my brother, and we watched it together, so now I’ve put it on my to do list today to go out and get my own copy. It’s that important.

But you may not have to buy it. You can simply comment on this post, and tell me a bit about you and your boyfriend, fiancee, spouse, and why they are so great. Then, I want you to show them your post, and remind them how wonderful they are. Yep, doesn’t get any cornier than this! By doing this, you’ll be entered to win a copy of your own. It’s truly worth it to Fireproof you marriage, or just relationship! I will pick the winner on February 14th (A revision from my original decision to pick the winner on February 15th).

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Top 10 reasons to have children

childLast week I re-posted an editorial from the New York Times about a non-mother wondering why anyone would ever want to have kids, so I’ve made a “Top 10” list. And I’m being honest when I say that it was hard to narrow it down to only 10 reasons. So I’ve chosen to post both the heartwarming and the practical ones. They’re not in any particular order.

But before I can go on, let me just add a little disclaimer. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I feel that it’s necessary due to certain events highlighted by the media within the past couple of years. Here we go: having and raising children is a great life choice for responsible adults, and should not be a goal for young women. Ok, let’s get started.

  1. Laughter – Not a day goes by that I’m not bursting out laughing or smiling for at least half my day. Even when there’s health problems, financial problems, or other outside stress, my kids are constantly cracking me up and making me smile with the things they do and say.

  2. Companionship – I”m not saying that being around kids alone eliminates the chances of loneliness. But I always feel complete. I always feel like I have a buddy with me. And think of when your kids become teenagers or adults. You’ll be able to form a friendship with them that is deeper than any other you’ve made before.
  3. Pride – Ever heard of the terms “Pride and Joy” being pinned as a synonym for a child? Well, they’re true. It’s so amazing what an overwhelming sense of pride a child will bring you, even through the smallest accomplishments. The first time my toddler drew a closed circle, I was THRILLED! The first time my baby girl cried because I took something away from her, I was so pleased! I know! Over a baby’s tears! And this sense of pride can only be understood through a parent’s eyes. Now, again, when these kids become teenagers or adults, they’ll really make you proud through accomplishments, but it is your job to guide them to these accomplishments.
  4. Creativity – Uhm hello! This blog would not be possible if it weren’t for my baby girl and toddler boy. They are constantly feeding me ideas to get writing about. But they also inspire me in other aspects of my life. They push me to think outside of the box.
  5. Old and Gray – Okay, here comes the practical one. If you don’t have kids, who do you think’s gonna take care of your grouchy, old self when you can’t do things for yourself any more? Sure, you can pay someone, but you can bet that you won’t be able to trust people with your life when it comes to money.
  6. Legacy-If you’re as proud of your last name as my husband is about his, you’ll want someone to inherit that. And that’s not just for men. My sister loved her last name so much, she kept it. Maybe her little rugrats will carry it on?
  7. Virtue-My kids have taught me the biggest lessons there are to learn in life. Through them I have learned patience, affection, thinking outside the box, you name it. I am constantly learning through my toddler boy and baby girl. And I cannot tell you how many stories I hear every day about a child teaching their parents important life lessons when they’re only, like, 5!
  8. Mini me- Okay so maybe you don’t even like yourself that much, but bear with me. It is amazing to see the features and characteristics in a child, and see how it’s a mixture of the two parents. Every day they change, and every day you notice a little thing that makes you want to just hug and kiss them.
  9. Be a kid again- Having kids has made me do things that I always wanted to do before I had kids, but I never made the time. I’ve been to the zoo, museums, park outings, long walks, even exercise classes that include children. I’ve done crafts, read yummy children’s books, sat down and ate [popcorn while watching disney movies, I got to go shopping for toys again, and for cute little clothes that I’m already too old for. It’s the most fun I’ve had since I was well, you know, a kid.
  10. It’s a life– Maybe you stumbled on this list because you are pregnant and are just trying to think things through. Well I am going to share my biggest pet peeve with you, that’s going to piss some people off. Ok, a lot of people off. When women get pregnant and decide to have an abortion because it’s “their body,” please remember: it’s not yourself that you are killing when you have an abortion – you are killing the baby. It’s not your body that’s terminated, it’s the body inside of you. Sure, it’s your body that goes through the changes of pregnancy, but that’s a pretty shallow reason not to have kids. There I said it. Now you know where I stand.

Just reading this list again while proofreading it has made me smile and excited to watch my children grow. What about you? What’s your top 10 reasons to have children? Chime in!

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