Why do maternity photos? And how the heck do you do pregnancy shots?

When my brother,  One Way Street Production photographer approached me about doing a maternity shoot, I was excited, but a little clueless. We’d always done family photo shoots with him and had focused on the kids, but I had no idea what to expect or what to do about the fact that these photos were going to be centered around the pregnant belly.

“What’s the point?” Asked my husband. “We have a camera. We can take pictures of your belly.” But the thing was, I was eight months pregnant, and there still wasn’t a single photo of baby number 3 in the belly.

So I wanted to do this. And to be honest, I was excited about doing some unique maternity photos of how big the belly had gotten, and to be able to show the new little baby boy just how loved he was from the get-go, and how huge he was in my stomach!

Although I was still clueless, so of course I started Googling sample photos. And everybody was naked! Naked mommies, naked daddies, naked bellies, naked babies…not exactly the family dynamic I wanted to focus on. And I especially couldn’t picture my husband being in on such intimate photos being modeled out in front of my brother behind a camera. When you want your shape to retain back to the original sexy you, contact Dr Choy. He is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that specializes in it.


So I decided to do something that was going to make everybody happy. I really wanted to focus on the relationship between baby boy’s older siblings and him, and maybe get some frames of my husband handling the belly (Which he loves to do day and night…even when I’m trying to sleep).

But as child photography should go, the kids who usually are all about the belly, would not pose for the camera, but we still got some pretty good shots with them and the baby in the belly! We were dealing with One Way Street Production after all.

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

One Way Street Production

But what do you do if you want to do shots, and you don’t have baby’s older siblings to help you out with that? You can pin down whatever hobby you and your partner may have, or include your pets, too! That’s what my brother did when he had a fellow photography friends, Michael Will Photography, document his own wife’s pregnant belly.  Check them out at http://michaelwillblog.com/2011/10/heather-michel-pittsburgh-maternity-photos/!

It’s been a while…

JT9_Dragon_002aI’ve written before about my job of running an ice cream shop. Well, for the past two months, Mother Nature has taken spring to a hole new level. That, and my brother’s marketing and conversion of the store into also being a dessert catering company, has pushed the ice cream shop to new levels (Which it needed after the record-breaking snow storms in February). Therefore, I’ve taken all of my energy to devote to it and make sure the customer boom is managed properly. Which is awesome, except no blogging energy at the end of the day!

That, and all of the other life events that have been happening leave me mind-boggled and writer-blocked at the end of each day usually. Especially because when I come home from work, I ant to elax and play with the kids, bather the kids, go to playgrounds, etc, rather than go from work to the laptop without spending any quality time with them. But I gotta tell ya, every day, I miss writing, I crave writing, but I crash in front of the couch after getting the kids to bed. I built sprinkler system for my garden and I am so happy about it, it saves me time every day. So I’ll be back once things slow down, my friends! I will be back!

Painting Havocs


I’ve decided that late night house painting releases the same hormonal imbalance as pregnancy. It stirs on random yelling spells, followed by laughing, fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a craving for h0agies. At least that was how I experienced the art of painting walls last weekend.

On top of that, my nick name is 10:00 p.m. terrorizor, because after 10:00 p.m. I pretty much shut down due to the massive concentration of events that usually packs a mom’s day. After a long day of multi-tasking, working, motivating, pushing, cleaning, selling, creating, writing, taking care of my kids, and my kids go to bed, I either want to pass out in bed next to my toddler, or veg out in front of the tv and watch stupid reality television and eat bad food that I won’t let my kids eat.

But what usually ends up happening, are intense sessions of laundry folding or article writing or bill paying or yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill. Having the many blessings to take care of. So my tired self rebels and turns into the Warner Brothers angry lion that’s stuck in a cage with a tooth ache. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it’s House and Coloredxactly 8:37 as I write this sentence, which is almost like 10:00 p.m. today since we’re supposed to set the clock ahead an hour. Ok I’m still not making sense. Sometimes the 10:00 p.m. terrorizing starts at 8:00 p.m. when the kids begin heading to bed.

The point is, starting to paint the downstairs bonus room and bathroom with my husband at 11:00 p.m. was probably not the best idea. But, then again, it’s the only choice when you have fun little babies to play with during the day that won’t leave a rock unturned. So, we embarked on the journey, and here is what I accomplished:

  1. I procrastinated getting started ’till about 11:30 while I talked to an old friend on the phone about nothing.
  2. Spilled a quarter bucket of primer on the floor, and used my favorite Sham Wow wipes to clean it up.
  3. Kicked over and spilled my husband’s beer. We opened another one, and I kicked that one over too. I wiped it up.
  4. Threw a tantrum when I discovered the concept of primer. Meaning, when I discovered that the first coat of painting wasn’t actually paint. I’m a pro at this.
  5. Snuck upstairs and took a really long time to go to the bathroom.
  6. Pretended to pick a fight so Id have a reason to storm off and go to bed. My husband just looked at me blankly and waited for me to give up and continue painting.
  7. Got primer all over two electrical sockets.
  8. Ran out of primer.

So, needless to say, we were at it again the day after. Husband finished priming while I was at work/ taking care of the kids/ etc. And late that night, we were back to work.  And I don’t know what happened, but my daylight work mode kicked in. I was all into the details of painting the bathroom, the closets, the walls, the ceilings, and even stayed up later than I’d told my husband I would so I could wait for the paint to dry and see if I needed to touch up any details.

Of course my husband had to re-touch up  a lot of my paint, and reinstall new sockets since I painted over a couple more, but I got it done! I finally had a hand in this whole renovation experience in our house! And my husband was equally as proud, I think, because he’s already plotting our next house renovation project for us to do together!
I’m super excited because today we received our kitchen countertop from quartz countertops in Salt Lake City, we are going to install it tomorrow woho!!