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Child in Need

When my brother was deployed in Iraq, he sent out an e-mail asking for prayers for a little Iraqi girl in need of funds and help because she was suffering for congenital heart disease.

Rawan is in need of surgery that would require her to travel out of the country, something her family cannot afford. Rawan’s heart defect also affects her lungs and causes her lack of energy.

Rawan’s is from a town named Jabella, which is in Babil Province.  Her family has brought her  to the civil-military operations center on Forward Operating Base Kalsu in hope of help. Soldiers with the 415th Civil Affairs Company and the 1st Battalion, 76th Field Artillery Regiment have been working with Rawan’s family since June, when the mayor of Jabella approached one of their officers about her condition.

Children’s Heartlink is currently collecting funds to assist Rawan’s cause.

Photo provided by Soldier Michael Kim

Photo provided by Soldier Michael Kim

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Jill Austin’s favorite charity hits close to home: the United Mitochobdrial Disease Foundation. “We were introduced to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation when our daughter Aubrey was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disease at nine months,” she said. “We got involved immediately because there is no cure for her condition or for anyone suffering with a mitochondrial disease.” Although Jill and her fiancé Trent Neely are blessed with beautiful Aubrey and her handsome little twin Anthony, who are now 18 months, UMDF still provides an extra sense of comfort to their lives.  “They help so many families,” she said. “They keep members updated with the latest medical advances that may be otherwise hard to research. It has affected my family so much because they have given us hope that they will never stop fighting to find a cure.” Jill Austin and Aubrey

One Laptop Per Child

laptop_computer-otherSince my kid stuff blog was about kid laptops, I figured it would be appropriate to do a brief spotlight on They raise money to provide laptop for kids in order to enhance their education.

This website not only educates you on the need for children all over the world to get the chance to have a lap top to educate themselves, but it also shows you ways to get involved if you don’t have the funds to contribute.

How much is it to contribute? By donating $199 you can buy a laptop for a child. But if you can’t donate that much, they have a program that allows your employer to match whatever you or your coworkers may donate.

Miracle Child

Today’s Small SPotlight is dedicated to That’s because when families are struggling with an illness in their lives that’s stricken their children, they not only need hope to be working towards a cure, but they need an outlet for their grief.

According to their website, “Miracle Child On-Line is a ministry where hurting parents can read touching stories about how faith in Jesus has helped others have hope.  If you have lost a child, or your child has cancer or has struggled to survive, please have hope.  For God said that His plans for you are good.  He is with you now and will be forever.”

Children’s Miracle Network

Today’s miracle spotlight is the Children’s Miracle Network. 17 million lives are not only touched each year byt the CMN, but are saved. “Children’s Miracle Network’s mission is to generate funds and awareness programs in partnership with and for the benefit of member hospitals/foundations and the children they are privileged to serve,” their website states.

They do this by raising funds to make sure that kids get back to health in more than 170 children’s hospitals.