Chuck E Cheese Rewards Kids

You know it can be complete havoc bringing your kids to Chuck E. Cheese. They get so excited, maybe have a bit too much sugar, and just feed off of each other’s energy! It’s awesome, but it can get a little overwhelming if the kids get really out of hand.

coins_penny-t1But no worries, Chuck E. Cheese has started a program to reward good behavior. Here’s how it works: you download and print the free reward calendars that will help you keep track of their accomplishments, and help your kids work on issues that are most challenging in your and their lives. You can download the calendars from Chuck E. Cheese’s website in the Promotions section. Once you have it all filled out, you bring it back to Chuck E. Cheese and get ten free tokens as a reward!

Seriously, what could be better? Free rewards for your kids to behave, and for them to have a nice, fun outing! Also in the same section of their website, tokens for good grades! And did I mention right now each Chuck E. Cheese game only takes one token?

Save Money on Wrapping and Cards – And Entertain your Kids!

festivebauble0619This tip will fix two problems: Keeping your kids busy while being cooped up in the winter, and save yourself some money on gift wrapping and greeting cards. I mean think about it – stock Christmas cards are nice and everything, but you spend $.50-5.00 a piece, and in the end they just get thrown out! Same with wrapping! So here’s what you do…

  1. Set out a big poster board and water colors for your kids to save money on wrapping and cards. Make sure you put a garbage bag underneath the posterboard in case your kids go really crazy with it. The poster board can be any color you like, but it’s best if it is a light color so the water colors show up.
  2. Dress your child in clothes that you don’t mind being ruined if they go really, really crazy.
  3. Have your kids paint to their heart’s desire on the poster board. Even have them write words for the holidays like – Santa, Ho Ho Ho, family, spirit…ecc.
  4. Wait for poster board to dry.
  5. Clean your kids – just kidding – that’s really up to you. Haha.
  6. Cut the poster board in about 8 even pieces.
  7. Fold each piece in half to make it look like a greeting card.
  8. Then, have your family write their own holiday message and sign the inside! Voila! Free greeting cards.
  9. To make gift boxes with it, go to any craft store that carries clear plastic boxed. They either come in square, rectangular, or oval. They’re pretty cheap, too.
  10. You can take the big poster board piece and cut any piece out of it that will fit the interior parameter of the clear boxes, and tape it in place with clear tape.
  11. Presto change-o! You’ve got yourself some saved money on gift wrapping and greeting cards!
What kinds of gifts do you get your loved ones?

Made from the heart

Specially bought with thought

uggs on sale

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos don’t have to be terrible to you. But there’s really no tactic to make the terrible twos not so typical. With the terrible twos, there will be screaming, crying, running, temper-tantrum-throwing, ecc. But it’s all about how you perceive it; how you handle it. You can get more of this information from this great E-book Dealing With the Terrible Twos and Beyond, Talking to Toddlers

First of all, and most obvious of all, you have to have patience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my cool and just started yelling at my son, and I could see this little look of absolute delight in his eyes. Like a little mischevious grin that said, “I got you…” At that point, I can’t help but laugh, but that’s not so bad.

Laughing at you child’s behavior can be therapeutic. Instead of going crazy and getting all bent up about the terrible twos, try laughing about it. C’mon, when your terrible two toddler decides to take off his diaper and pee on the kitchen floor, it is funny. The key is, not to let them see you laughing, and to be persistent with your actions.

Persistence is key. Every single time that terrible two toddler takes that block and throws it at the tv, take the same disciplinary action. Try not to let any of those actions slip because say, maybe you’re tired, because then the terrible two toddler won’t get that if he does such action, such consequence will follow. Insted the terrible two toddler will learn: if I just keep doing it, I might get away with it every once in a while.

Also, learn when to ignore your terrible two toddler. When he’s been fed and gotten enough sleep and he starts to freak out because say, he wants a cookie and you won’t give him one, just ignore – ignore – ignore. Eventually, the terrible two toddler will just learn that by throwing those tantrums, the terrible two toddler will not get his or her way. shy_child-other

But another tactic for that type of behavior is to avert the terrible two toddler’s attention. If the terrible two toddler is screaming for a cookie, ask him or her if they want an apple or a banana, or — “Look! Why don’t we watch your favorite cartoon!”

Last, never forget that your terrible two toddler is unique, and you may have to figure out your own terrible two toddler’s personality to figure out what really makes them tick, and what makes them stop! And for more info just check out Dealing With the Terrible Twos and Beyond, Talking to Toddlers