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Sharing my Wedding Ideas that Include Children

110_F_9262382_0G2NX8gqvpK16TUu4Gxx3jLquVpGBHR1_PXPThis past Saturday, my mom and Husby’s mom came up with some great wedding ideas that include children.

I’ve been calling Husby my husband until now because we’ve been in a common law marriage for a while. But this weekend, we blessed our family by having a church ceremony we needed to learn planning a wedding on a budget, and we had to keep the kids busy! Below are some great wedding ideas to keep children busy, whether you are trying to entertain your own children or someone else’s!

  • A kids’ play room – Ask your venue manager if they’d be willing to throw in an extra room at no cost. Ours was more than willing. They just gave us a large room for bags and coats, which also served as a kids’ play room. All the moms were able to take their kids in there to kill time before and after dinner. My mom and Husby’s mom brought crates of toys from their houses, and we planned on bringing big toddler stuff like bikes and cars from our house, but ended up not needing to bring them in. The kids were more than entertained with just crates of toys for the age of 10 for example, and the moms were happy. If you feel comfortable with this idea, you can hire a baby sitter to be in there with the kids while the moms enjoy themselves.
  • Snack attack – Ask your church if children are allowed to eat snacks in the pews. My toddler behaved perfectly well in the front pews for  a whole 45 minutes – all thanks to well-packed snacks.
  • Nap time – If you have a baby, try to hold off on letting them nap until the ceremony. That way, no fuss, no muss. I know they’ll miss it that way, but it’s not like they’d remember it anyway. My baby girl slept through it, and we just woke her at the end in order to include her during the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Cry room – If you’re really worried about it, try to pick a church that provides a separate room for kids, and audio for the parents to still be with them and pay attention to the ceremony.
  • Seating arrangements at the reception – Do away with them. It’s hard enough to do small talk, let alone to have small talk while your kids are going wild. Just get rid of the seating chart all together, and just ask your venue to provide a few extra tables than necessary so people with kids can spread out with diaper bags, clothing changes, ecc. If there’s extra seats, there’s no issues with anyone not having enough room to sit with whom they want to sit. And it’ll save you a big headache.
  • High chairs and booster seats – I actually forgot this detail, which is why it was helpful to have friends who were willing to lend their laps to my hungry children while they ate. Bring them for your guests! It’ll make things just a bit more comfortable.
  • Dancing – Allow it. Might seem like a no brainer, but Husby and I contemplated not having a dancing portion at our wedding so people didn’t feel obligated to stick around since him and I were leaving early for a night to ourselves. But, Husby’s dad, our DJ, insisted on it, which really worked out because my friends and their kids had a ball dancing around!
  • Allergy-awareness – Talk to your caterer about what exactly is in the food like the traditional sugar almonds for weddings they will be serving. For example, my son and Husby and a few kids that were at the wedding had lactose and gluten allergies. My caterer was able to tell me what was prepared without any gluten or dairy in it, which actually gave those people a sufficient amount of choices for their dinner just by letting the caterers know ahead of time.
  • Kid-friendly ceremony – If you have kids by the time you get married, it does help to include them in the wedding ceremony. We had our kids walk down with our parents before Husby and I processed into the church, and they looked absolutely adorable while staying busy during that segment of the ceremony! Also, we had the priest bless them at the end of the ceremony, and we carried them with us as we processed out, as a metaphor of the seal we just completed on our little family.
  • Closing time – I know it’s your wedding, but if you’d like to accommodate families with kids, opt for an early starting time like 1:30 or 2, so that people can head home by 8 p.m. and not have to miss anything. Otherwise, people with kids will have to leave early and won’t get to enjoy things like dancing or dessert.

What about you? Do you have wedding ideas that include children? Feel free to add to the list by chiming in!

I’m a working mom, and a mom working at home

Like I said, I’m a working mom, and a mom working at home. How? One of the perks of running a small business is that I have a small office that I’ve literally fully turned into a nursery/play room. I mean literally – we painted it green, took out the desk, added a tv with dvd player, play table, toy chests, pack n’ play, Cars lounge chair, ecc.

Before baby number two came along, I had just my son at work with me from the time he was a few months old, ’till recently. But, let’s face it, you stick a toddle in a 10 by 10 room with the same toys day in and day out, he’s going start bouncing off the walls, literally. So for now, I am just taking my baby girl to work with me, who naps for a big chunk of the morning, allowing me to get anything done that requires two hands. The other part of the day is spent holding her while juggling tasks with every other arm, adding a foot in the mix here and there. Because my time is limited I decided to try out Brightline Janitorial Service so that I can spend more time on working and with my family.

Occasionally, Mommy forgets to take the keys with her when stepping outside for a break. On a couple of occasions, I’ve gotten locked out and had to call the best locksmith London has to offer. They always get me right back into my home quickly and efficiently.

So that leaves my toddler at home sometime with my husband, sometime with my mom, sometime with my mother in law.  At first, he would really put up a fight and scream and cry when I’d leave, but then it was like it didn’t bother him at all. But over time, I have been coming home and just getting into battles with him over the smallest things. He has been constantly saying mommy over and over again, whining, and sometimes even yelling it. He’s been crying over the littlest problems, and throwing tantrums at the most trivial things. Especially because I’ve also started writing for a magazine from home more regularly. My husband is left baffled when he sees this behavior from him, because he usually is a pretty good sport for him when they’re at home together.

So I’ve coming home from work every day, trying to juggle the little baby girl with my job, then come home and try to get chores done around the house, and trying to get writing done, while my toddler screamed in the background. I could not figure out what spurred on this sudden high-maintenance little boy.
We also bought a new cabinet for our kitchen from, the quality is good.

Then, on few days ago, as he wailed about his blocks not stacking how he wanted them to, and while my baby girl screamed because I wasn’t holding her, (All the while, i’m just trying to pee, people!) it hit me. I just need to give in. Seriously, who says I HAVE to have a clean kitchen every single night? Who says I have to be completely on time with my loads of laundry? Who says I NEED to sweep the house every day? Nobody but me! So I just need to give in and just come home and play with my kids and just let my house be chaos during this time in my life. I just need to embrace the mess and just accept that I have two choices: a clean home with constant screaming, or a messy home and tons of relaxing play time with my babies. I choose door number two, please.

baby_eye_looking_up-t2So for the past two days, I’ve just spend time hanging out with my toddler and doing things for him rather than for the to do list of the house. And simultaneously, trying to get my baby girl to just crawl happily and stay content while playing with some crinkly toys. And sure enough, my toddler’s been the sweetest little boy that I know he is truly becoming, and my sweet little girl has been getting better at entertaining herself. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cuddle with him while he watches cartoons instead of jumping on the laundry-folding wagon. Although that will indeed need done! So for now, being a working mom and a mom working at home will mean that my house will be messy.

Chuck E Cheese Rewards Kids

You know it can be complete havoc bringing your kids to Chuck E. Cheese. They get so excited, maybe have a bit too much sugar, and just feed off of each other’s energy! It’s awesome, but it can get a little overwhelming if the kids get really out of hand.

coins_penny-t1But no worries, Chuck E. Cheese has started a program to reward good behavior. Here’s how it works: you download and print the free reward calendars that will help you keep track of their accomplishments, and help your kids work on issues that are most challenging in your and their lives. You can download the calendars from Chuck E. Cheese’s website in the Promotions section. Once you have it all filled out, you bring it back to Chuck E. Cheese and get ten free tokens as a reward!

Seriously, what could be better? Free rewards for your kids to behave, and for them to have a nice, fun outing! Also in the same section of their website, tokens for good grades! And did I mention right now each Chuck E. Cheese game only takes one token?

Save Money on Wrapping and Cards – And Entertain your Kids!

festivebauble0619This tip will fix two problems: Keeping your kids busy while being cooped up in the winter, and save yourself some money on gift wrapping and greeting cards. I mean think about it – stock Christmas cards are nice and everything, but you spend $.50-5.00 a piece, and in the end they just get thrown out! Same with wrapping! So here’s what you do…

  1. Set out a big poster board and water colors for your kids to save money on wrapping and cards. Make sure you put a garbage bag underneath the posterboard in case your kids go really crazy with it. The poster board can be any color you like, but it’s best if it is a light color so the water colors show up.
  2. Dress your child in clothes that you don’t mind being ruined if they go really, really crazy.
  3. Have your kids paint to their heart’s desire on the poster board. Even have them write words for the holidays like – Santa, Ho Ho Ho, family, spirit…ecc.
  4. Wait for poster board to dry.
  5. Clean your kids – just kidding – that’s really up to you. Haha.
  6. Cut the poster board in about 8 even pieces.
  7. Fold each piece in half to make it look like a greeting card.
  8. Then, have your family write their own holiday message and sign the inside! Voila! Free greeting cards.
  9. To make gift boxes with it, go to any craft store that carries clear plastic boxed. They either come in square, rectangular, or oval. They’re pretty cheap, too.
  10. You can take the big poster board piece and cut any piece out of it that will fit the interior parameter of the clear boxes, and tape it in place with clear tape.
  11. Presto change-o! You’ve got yourself some saved money on gift wrapping and greeting cards!
What kinds of gifts do you get your loved ones?

Made from the heart

Specially bought with thought

uggs on sale

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos don’t have to be terrible to you. But there’s really no tactic to make the terrible twos not so typical. With the terrible twos, there will be screaming, crying, running, temper-tantrum-throwing, ecc. But it’s all about how you perceive it; how you handle it. You can get more of this information from this great E-book Dealing With the Terrible Twos and Beyond, Talking to Toddlers

First of all, and most obvious of all, you have to have patience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my cool and just started yelling at my son, and I could see this little look of absolute delight in his eyes. Like a little mischevious grin that said, “I got you…” At that point, I can’t help but laugh, but that’s not so bad.

Laughing at you child’s behavior can be therapeutic. Instead of going crazy and getting all bent up about the terrible twos, try laughing about it. C’mon, when your terrible two toddler decides to take off his diaper and pee on the kitchen floor, it is funny. The key is, not to let them see you laughing, and to be persistent with your actions.

Persistence is key. Every single time that terrible two toddler takes that block and throws it at the tv, take the same disciplinary action. Try not to let any of those actions slip because say, maybe you’re tired, because then the terrible two toddler won’t get that if he does such action, such consequence will follow. Insted the terrible two toddler will learn: if I just keep doing it, I might get away with it every once in a while.

Also, learn when to ignore your terrible two toddler. When he’s been fed and gotten enough sleep and he starts to freak out because say, he wants a cookie and you won’t give him one, just ignore – ignore – ignore. Eventually, the terrible two toddler will just learn that by throwing those tantrums, the terrible two toddler will not get his or her way. shy_child-other

But another tactic for that type of behavior is to avert the terrible two toddler’s attention. If the terrible two toddler is screaming for a cookie, ask him or her if they want an apple or a banana, or — “Look! Why don’t we watch your favorite cartoon!”

Last, never forget that your terrible two toddler is unique, and you may have to figure out your own terrible two toddler’s personality to figure out what really makes them tick, and what makes them stop! And for more info just check out Dealing With the Terrible Twos and Beyond, Talking to Toddlers

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