Apples and Cinema – Your Pittsburgh Family Photographers – Family Portrait Session Tips

Have your holiday family photos coming up? Don’t know what to wear? Don’t know when to go? Along with being the writer of Mommy Miracles, I’m also a full time photographer for one of my own small businesses, Apples and Cinema. 1) WEAR NEUTRAL COLORS What do we wear? It’s tempting to go with LOUD, colorful […]

Two years in the making, I’m still disciplining my toddlers, and loving it, too

I guess it all started with the terrible twos. Tantrums, fits, pouting, but nothing a mom can’t handle with the right guidance or tools, and a bit of research to find out what’s normal and what’s not; at least that is what’s been helping me with disciplining my own toddlers. And every day, it’s a new chapter with a new situation that needs a little tender loving care or just some straight up tough love.

Hold it! A Few Words on Potty training an unwilling toddler.

When we decided to get rid of his diapers, Toddler boy was the first to say, ” I don’t wanna go potty!” Making us think that he would not be ready for potty training for quite some time. So we kind of tip-toed around the idea, giving him stickers here, maybe an m&m there, but the potty training just didn’t seem to be successful because he was simply unwilling.

Kid Friendly Recipes – easy tips to sneaking fruits and veggies into your kids’ tummies

At times it can seem like kids are programmed to automatically hate fruits and veggies, and love things like candy and cookies. But there’s ways for you to change that. Here’s 10 easy tips for kid friendly recipes with fruits and vegetables. And trust me, they actually work. Take it from the mommy of a toddler that usually craves cookies and candy. I’ve been able to follow the tips below to get him to demand the good stuff instead!