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Bottle for Breastfed Babies

Adiri Natural Nurser

Before this bottle came along, my breastfed babies would refuse to eat when I’d leave the house. Leaving my breastfed first-born with my husband was hell, because he’d literally scream the whole time I was gone because he was hungry and would not eat from regular bottle nipples.

But Adiri Natural Nurser finally figured it out for breastfed babies. Its wider nipple diameter and shorter, rounder tip shape simulate the comfort of an actual breast. It goes in stages, like any other bottle, in increments of three months. It also has features to prevent colic – its “leak-resistant Petal vent prevente your baby from ingesting extra air,” the bottle’s package highlights. It is also BPA free.

The only negative aspect of this breastfed baby-friendly bottle is that unlike other bottles, the nipple and actual bottle are all one piece, and the bottle is kind of expensive. So when your breastfed baby surpasses each stage, you can’t just buy a new nipple, you have to buy a whole new bottle with cap and everything. Also, it is not dishwasher safe, and you should not submerge it in water.

Despite those small setbacks, this bottle for breastfed babies still received the “Medical Design Award” for assisting the transfer from a breast to a bottle. It was about time someone made this product! It’s one of those things we all wished existed and alas, it finally exists! Now why didn’t I think of that?!

Oh, by the way…it’s much cheaper to buy this bottle on amazon than it is to buy it from a retail store. It’s about half the cost, and well worth it.

Podee Hands Free Feeding System

This contraption consists of a regular six-ounce bottle with a plastic, small, bendable tube attached to it that leads to the free-floating nipple of the bottle. The idea is that you can prop the bottle up on say, a high chair tray, while the baby sucks on the bottle’s nipple like a pacifier, and you won’t have to sit and hold the bottle for the baby. This item should not be used while the child is unattended.

I originally purchased this item because I take my daughter to work and often have to put her down to wait on customers. I thought that if I would have this, I could strap the baby into the high chair (That is still in eye sight), prop the bottle on the high chair tray, and keep her busy while she sucks down  water, milk, juice, ecc.

This item didn’t work out for me. Every time I would put the nipple in my baby’s mouth, it would prop right out of her mouth. It’s too big and bulky for her to support it for her gums. So instead of having a hands-free bottle, you end up having a bottle that requires two hands to hold up.

Also, the plastic tubing is not long enough to really even reach from her mouth to the high chair tray. I’m sure that was meant to prevent the chances of a strangling hazard. Also, I wouldn’t put anything but water in the bottle because even though they do provide you with a cleaning brush, the tubing is very small and hard to clean so it increases the chances of growing bacteria.

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