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top 10 myths about breast feeding

I recently posted a blog with some quick facts about breast feeding as well as the best tips from to enhance your breast. But I’m sure there is still a bit of hesitance and confusion when it comes to deciding whether to do it or not. So below, I’ve written a list of 10 myths about breast feeding, that should clear things up a bit.

  1. It’s easy – It’s actually not. It takes work. I think that’s why a lot of women give up on it. You have to expect that it’s gonna take work, and be willing to do it.
  2. It hurts – That it does, but not forever. After less than a week, your breast becomes used to the suckling, and breast feeding is completely painless, I was even to lay down at Miami acupuncture to get a treatment.
  3. If I don’t breast feed, I won’t swell – Engorgement happens either way, because either way your breasts will fill with milk. In fact, the engorgement will hurt more if you don’t breast feed, because the milk won’t be released.
  4. Breast feeding causes sagging – No, having a baby does. I explain the details here.
  5. I’ll lose more weight if I don’t breast feed – A lot of women choose not to breast feed because they want to go on special diets or take special diet supplements to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and other benefits from sites like Actually, you’re better off breast feeding, because you burn 500-800 calories a day just by breast feeding.breastfeeding2
  6. Formula is better for babies – That used to be the belief because it used to be thought that feeding babies formula reduced colic. That’s not necessarily true, but it has been proven that even if your baby does get colic, colic leaves no long-term effects on a baby any way. And it’s also been proven that breast feeding babies reduces the risk of various diseases in their future. You should definitely read more about the different diseases that women have. Hence why health departments country-wide offer incentives for women who breast feed.
  7. I can’t breast feed if I work – You can too. You just need an electric pump, and you’re in business. A lot of jobs will let you take beast pumping breaks. And it works out perfectly because the breast milk you pump on day, can be used for your caretaker to feed to your baby the next day while you are ate work.
  8. It’s cheaper to buy formula – Many women think that’s the case because they feel like they have to buy breast feeding ponchos, bras, pumps, bags, pouches, ecc. I’ve got costless remedies and answers about that here and here. You don’t need to buy all that stuff. There’s other ways to get it. If anything, breast feeding is completely free.
  9. It’s easier to feed formula – How so? You don’t need to mix breast milk. You don’t need to heat breast milk when you’re feeding your baby right from your breast. You don’t need to put it in a bottle. You don’t need to wash a bottle.
  10. I can’t drink coffee or wine if I breast feed – Now, I’m not saying to go overboard, but drinking a cup of coffee in the morning shouldn’t affect your milk, and having a glass of wine at night shouldn’t be a problem either. Your body does a pretty good job at filtering that stuff out as long as you don’t overdo it.

Got any other questions about breastfeeding? Any of your own to 10 breast feeding myths? Chime in!

Non-Safety Related Recall of Some H1N1 Nasal Spray Vaccines, Pediatric Alliance Says

thermalI received an update about H1N1 virus that was sent to my by my local pediatrician, Pediatric Alliance.

The e-mail stated: “There has been a voluntary recall of specific lots of nasal spray H1N1 vaccine. The recall is due to manufacturer quality assurance measures indicating a decreased potency in some batches of the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that there are no safety concerns. The slight decrease in potency should not affect how the vaccine works, and children who received the doses in question do NOT need to be re-vaccinated.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave more information on their website by writing: “First, it is important to point out that the recall is not safety-related. As part of its quality assurance program, the manufacturer of the nasal spray monovalent 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine, MedImmune, performs routine, ongoing stability testing of the vaccine. Stability testing means measuring the strength (also called potency) of the vaccine over time to make sure it does not go below a pre-specified limit during the vaccine’s “shelf life.” On December 18 and 21, the manufacturer notified CDC and FDA that the potency in 13 batches (called “lots”) of nasal spray vaccine had decreased below the pre-specified limit or were at risk of falling below that limit within the upcoming week. The vaccine was within the specified range at the time the vaccine was distributed. The slight decrease in potency should not affect how the vaccine works. However, the manufacturer will send providers directions for returning any unused vaccine from these lots.”

Persons who received vaccine for the H1N1 virus from the recalled batches do NOT need to take any action or contact their health care provider.

Breast Feeding Tips 101

I put together a few breast feeding tips, because I think you should definitely breast feed if you can. It saves you money, it’s good for your baby, it’s an awesome bonding experience, and best of all, I weigh 108 pounds because of it (You burn 500-800 calories a day breast feeding).

What you need to do when you get to the hospital to deliver, is let your doctor and nurse know you’re planning on breast feeding. Most hospitals have lactation consultants that are happy to walk you through breast feeding step by step. Also, Women Infants and Children (WIC) is a big advocate of breast feeding, so they will send follow-up breast feeding consultants to your home for free. No matter what your income. They also will provide you with free Medela electric, and manual breast pumps if you meet requirements. They are custom-made for WIC, and they are excellent.

Your lactation consultant will probably recommend a support brest feeding pillow. Boppy makes a great one, with fun pillow cases, that I buy up like candy.

An electric breast pump is really only necessary if you are working or in school. If not, then a manual hand held breast pump will do. Just so you have it if you need to leave your baby for more than a few hours. Or, if your baby has an easy time with the bottle, then it will be useful to have an electric pump to bring bottles with you on outings. But, your health insurance might fully cover the rental or even purchase of electric breast pumps, so why not.

But keep in mind that breastfed babies do have difficulty with the bottle, so you’ll also need to invest in some breast-friendly bottles. Definitely talk to your pediatrician and breast feeding consultant about when you should actually introduce a pacifier and bottle to your breast-feeding baby.

So if your baby is a bottle-hater like mine, you might find yourself breast feeding in public – yep – the big controversy. Even though I swore to myself up and down I would never do that, I do that – a lot. But I do cover up. So you might want to buy one of those breast feeding ponchos that look like a fashionable cover-up. Or what I do is wear a tank top underneath all my shirts. I pull up the top shirt, and pull down my tank top. That covers things all around. If you’re at the mall, a lot of department stores do have family rooms that are breastfeeding friendly.

I do have some nursing bras, but sports bras are just as functional and flexible. Just pull them down. I also suggest buying both cloth and disposable breast pads. You’ll have the cloth ones when you run out of the disposable ones and don’t get a change to get to the store. Because, let’s face it, ya just had a baby. I also wear sports bras to bed, obviously to hold up the breast pads, and also to decrease the chances of sagging.

But I could go on and on about breast feeding and associated gadgets. Just ask me anything! I always have more breast feeding tips. breastfeeding

High Chairs That Convert Into Booster Seats

I wish I would’ve used common sense when purchasing my initial high chairs and invested in high chairs that convert into booster seats. Buying a high chair that converts into a booster seat not only will save you money in the long run, but will save you the space that bulky high chairs tend to take up.

boosterIt’s tricky finding a high chair that turns into a booster seat, but they’ll save you from the beginning when you take your baby/toddler to a friend’s or family member’s home. It drives me nuts when I go somewhere, and we don’t bring a high chair. There’s no way my kids are eating if they’re not strapped down and forced to concentrate on their dinner. So, since it’s a pain to go through all the high chairs at the store or store’s website to actually find high chairs that turn into booster seats, I’ve done the search for you. Below, I’ve entered the information described by Babys R Us about products available that fit the description of high chairs that turn into booster seats.

  1. The Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair delivers big high chair features in a space-saving design. Simply strap it to just about any kitchen or dining chair to create a secure high chair that won’t take up extra floor space. The Space Saver High Chair features a full-size seat, 3 height adjustments and 3-position recline. A 5-point restraint keeps baby securely in place, and the cushy pad can be wiped and machine washed for convenient cleanup. When baby out grows the high chair, it converts to a booster seat for toddler dining. The Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair stores easily when not in use, so it’s a perfect solution for parents who don’t want to leave a high chair out all of the time, as well as for grandparents, babysitters and others who have frequent visits from baby. SIDE NOTE: My in-laws actually have this chair, and we love it. Have been using it for two years as my oldest son grows with it. We bring it everywhere as well. It actually keeps my toddler in it, whereas he’s able to stand p in others that we use at home.
  2. The Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System with Bombay pattern is designed to adjust to your growing child’s seating needs and to accommodate more than 1 child in your growing family. It transforms seamlessly from an extremely functional high chair to an infant feeding booster, a toddler booster and finally a youth chair. Should your family suddenly grow, it can even accommodate a baby and a toddler at the table all at once. Bombay pattern/color scheme.
  3. This one is not a high chair that turns into a booster seat, but it’s only 40 bucks, really cute, and very compact, so I’m recommending it anyway. Finally a High Chair that goes any where and everywhere! The new baby Go High Chair is the perfect High Chair for active lifestyle parents on the go. This High Chair folds in compactly in under a minute. It is great for the park, the nearest sushi restaurant, the grandparent’s, the baby sitters and for travel. The Chair features a multi position tray, 5 point harness and quick fold system. It has a build in carry handle for convenience. This chair meets all ASTM standards and is JPMA certified.

  4. The First Years Infant to Toddler Feeding Seat is the only feeding and booster seat you will ever need! Its unique, 4-stage reclining seat is what allows this seat to adjust to each stage of your babys life. You can use full recline mode to feed your newborn and adjust it all the way through booster for your toddler. The adjustable height helps the seat fit most tables, and the removable, dishwasher-safe tray makes clean up a breeze. Our brand new pad is soft, reversible, machine-washable and looks great. Your little one will also have fun and learn with the new ABC-123 tray mat, and youll have no problem cleaning it. This safe and durable feeding seat will ensure that your little one has a comfortable and reliable place to eat for years to come.
  5. The finely crafted Graco Classic Wood Highchair features a stain-resistant, machine-washable seat pad and a clear, pull-out tray insert that showcases the beautiful wood finish. Warm, all-natural wood wraps your baby in classic comfort, while modern features make feedings a cinch. This grow-with-me design converts to toddler chair then later to a youth chair and can be used for generations to come. Cherry vanilla.
  6. Part of the Brentwood Baby Collection. A great new high chair that features a bentwood frame in a beautiful finish and home-decor fashion to give it a furniture-like quality. Features include: 3 position recline, 5 position height adjustment, dishwasher safe tray, secondary snack tray, wipable and machine washable pad, fold, and by simply removing the main tray and snack tray chair fits right up to the table for older age child.
  7. Fisher Price Green Meadows Space Saver High Chair has all the features of a full-size high chair in half the space! If you’re looking for big high chair features in a small dining space, this is the high chair for you! Simply strap it to just about any kitchen or dining chair (it’s very secure) for everything a full-size high chair offers-in half the space! Full-size seat with surface wipeable pad, three height adjustments, three-position recline where the tray stays level. It even converts to a booster! Stores easily when not in use.
  8. The Combi Hero 3-in-1 High Chair is a High Chair, Removable Booster Seat and Toddler Chair all in one! The High Chair offers 5 different height positions, 3 position reclining seat, 5-point harness with belly pad, easy to fold self-standing frame, oval tube design for sleek appearance, color coordinating accent pieces, combi mug and towel, towel hook on rear handle, rear anti-slip feet, and front swivel wheels. The tray contains a slide-out cup holder, removable snack tray with compartments, and is dishwasher safe. The seat cushion is well padded, removable and washable. The removable booster seat contains 3 height levels, 3 recline positions and can be used as a toddler chair as well.
  9. Use your highchair for up to six years!Badger Basket’s Envee highchair easily converts back and forth from a fully-featured baby feeding station to a separate play table and chair for your toddler and preschooler! The Envee’s many, convenient features are easy to use, yet it’s also affordable. Includes a three-position adjustable front tray and three-position, reclining, adjustable seat. Seat can be reclined using one hand. Seat includes a five-point harness system with one-handed, quick release buckle. Simply press the large button in the center of the harness and both shoulder and waist belts release. Two trays included! The regular tray has a removable, dishwasher-safe insert tray so it’s easy to tidy-up and always have a clean surface available for each meal. Insert tray snaps off easily by releasing and pulling up on the two side clips. Removable tray includes two indented cup holders and a indented large main compartment (3/4 inch deep). Main tray features one spacious, indented compartment (5/8 inch deep). Removable, washable seat pad. Seat pad is 100% polyester fabric with polyester foam padding. Pad can be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, do not bleach, do not iron, air dry; may be dry cleaned if desired. Chair includes a footrest that is especially comfortable when used with the table. Chair with tray (and without tray, too) can be used separately from the base/table.

The high chairs listed above vary in price, so I listed them from most inexpensive to more expensive. I didn’t list the prices because as you know prices change every day in every area. But those seem to be your best bets when wanting to just make one purchase for your seating needs by buying a high chair that turns into a booster seat.

Storing Breast Milk

breastfeedingAs gross as it may sound, you can’t decifer the drinkability (Ya, I said drinkability) of brestmilk by how chunky it is, or what color it’s turned. I know, if you’re not currently breastfeeding, that’s not the most appetizing topic.

So how do you know whether breastmilk is still good or not then? If it smells or tastes sour, pitch it. Mostly, taste and smell. If it’s still good, it should pretty much be odorless, and taste like sugar water still.  But there are also time lines that will help you through it.

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