About Mommy Miracles

Hey guys! Let me start by saying, that I feel as clueless as you at this whole motherhood thing! I’m trying all the advice given by pediatricians, celebrity family therapists, talk show hosts, Super Nannies, stylists, personal trainers, – you name it, I’m trying it, and I’m sharing it with you! I’m living every day looking for those little miracles to make life with OUR little miracles, just a little bit less hectic.

And God knows, I’m messing it up a lot of the time! But the good thing is, I like to laugh at myself – and then write about it – so you can laugh too. And throughout this whole ordeal of life that I like to call happily hectic, I try to soak up every single minute that I can with my kids and husband, because that’s what brings the most joy, no matter what.

I LOVE my day job immensely, but I’m most passionate and constantly hungry for more information and conversation about parenthood. Oh yeah! This is me and my crazy kiddos! Enjoy!

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