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Smoothie Diet

I did a toned down version of the smoothie diet during the first 3-4 months of having my daughter, and the smoothie diet mixed with me breastfeeding got me down to weighing less than my pre-pregnancy weight. So how did I do the smoothie diet? I would more call it a smoothie diet mixed with a cereal and dinner diet, haha. So that way you don’t starve yourself, there is also other diets as the ketosis diet which you could read more here.

For breakfast, I would have a small bowl of what I c all wholesome cereal. No junk, sugary, honey cereal. Just simple corn flakes or crisp rice or wheat squares. Obviously, I would have it with low fat milk. I would drink water, not juice, to reduce the calorie intake.

Lunch is where the smoothie diet really kicks in. I would mix the following ingredients to make my smoothie:

1 cup 98 percent fat free liquid yogurt.

4 ounces of sliced, no sugar added, strawberries (Frozen or fresh)

1 banana

About 22 oz of ice

I’d add it all into the blender and hit the puree’ button for about 30 seconds, and voila, you have lunch. This portion of the smoothie diet is actually even more filling than breakfast, and will keep you satisfied until dinner. See? No starving.

So then what do you have for dinner when you’re on the smoothie diet? The key is portion control, and paying attention to the food pyramid. Definitely try to have one serving from the meats group, one portion from the veggies, and one portion of the wheat and grains group. Again, think proportionate servings to not send the calorie count of the smoothie diet out of whack. smoothie_drinks

As with any other diet, the smoothie diet will be more successful if you combine it with exercise, and of course, I also recommend getting your hands on the prohormones, you will see an inmate improvement for sure!

How a Fresh Fruit Gift Basket Saved My Day

It was a long, hard, draining day today for both my husband and I. The kids, as always, cracked me up, but as hard as they make me smile and laugh, often the same reasons that make me laugh entail mischievous maneuvers that I have to reprimand for the spirit of good motherhood. Plus my husband and I have been dealing with, you know, the usual stresses of life.

So at the end of the day, as I trudged up the front steps with two sleeping babies in both arms plus groceries, plus beach bags full of wet clothes that’ll need washed (Still need to get on that), I saw a little something that put a huge, immediate smile on my face. I mean, I went from tired and drained, to excited and refreshed – in a second. And what was it? It was the complimentary Big Bing Cherries basket that ProFlowers sent me for review. Which was a complete surprise because it was only yesterday that they’d said they were sending the box out to me. So they got here quick!

There was an array of baskets that I could choose from their Fruit Baskets selections. I chose the Big Bing Cherries basket full of red cherries because my husband has trouble sleeping at night, and he swears that eating cherries helps him sleep, as they are a natural melatonin. Not to mention, cherries are full of antioxidants. I have to say these Ice Makers Rock, I used mine so I could have some ice in my fruit smoothie.

And I gotta say, as soon as I opened the box, they looked delicious. I even whispered it to myself that they look scrumptious. And you know when you’re talking to yourself about how good the food looks, it’s good. I mean, look at the pictures for yourself! Then, as soon as my husband came home, I immediately directed him to the kitchen and surprised him with the boxful of cherries, and he too was impressed at how fresh the cherries looked, I was also happy because I was able to hire one of guelph’s best plumber to fix a water damage that I had in my kitchen, I also recommend to check, a plumber in Victorville that my parents hire all the time.

Boxful of Cherries

Boxful of Cherries

Notice the Nice Note That Comes With It

Notice the Nice Note That Comes With It

Even Up Close, Flawless

Even Up Close, Flawless

The Box

The Box

And it completely cheered him up to. Honestly it turned our day from a stressful one, to one that ended with us spending some quality time over a bowl of cherries. And tasting them, tasted just like I bought them from the local farm market. Juicy, full of flavor, but not so juicy that they leaked all over me. Just a perfect combination of firm skin that you bite into the get to the moist, flavorful interior. No joke, people.

And the great thing is, they’ll last us for at least a couple of days, even with my fruit-obsessed babies! Gotta make sure to wash them and pit them before I feed them to them, though, as the cherry box carefully instructs. And the usual cost of them if you buy them from the website yourself is only $29.99. Can you even get that many quality cherries for that cheap from the grocery store or farmers’ market? Anybody?

So there you have it. How a reasonably-priced and simply delicious fresh fruit basket brightened up our day, just like that! On the other hand, feel free to visit online psychic chat.

Kid Friendly Recipes – easy tips to sneaking fruits and veggies into your kids’ tummies

vegetablesAt times it can seem like kids are programmed to automatically hate fruits and veggies, and love things like candy and cookies. But there’s ways for you to change that. Here’s 10 easy tips for kid friendly recipes with fruits and vegetables. And trust me, they actually work. Take it from the mommy of a toddler that usually craves cookies and candy. I’ve been able to follow the tips below to get him to demand the good stuff instead!

  1. Get rid of the junk – Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually harder for moms to do. It’s easy for us to buy things like cookies and potato chips if that’s what we crave. If you stop buying junk food and start buying things like craisins, apples, and mini carrots, your kids will have no choice but to eat them. And for moms-to-be, if you stop having the junk food around now, your kids won’t be introduced to it, therefore won’t crave it. But if you really have a sweet tooth like me, just hide your stash away from tiny prying hands!
  2. Add cheese – This used to be a technique of mine before I started to suspect that my toddler was lactose intolerant. I would top broccoli with lots of Parmesan cheese and mix it. He would see me mix it, and would end up eating pieces of the broccoli to get to the cheese.
  3. Veggies First – Don’t present them a plate with the chicken fingers and side vegetables  next to them. Serve them a small plate of veggies first, that way they think that’s their meal, and they’ll eat it rather than going for the chicken first and then demanding more chicken rather than eating their vegetables.
  4. Peanut Butter and Caramel Galore –Serve things like celery, carrots, apples with a side of natural peanut butter or hydrogenated-free  caramel. Show them how to dip the vegetables and then bit off the dipped part. They’ll love it.
  5. Special Sauce – Make some steamed vegetables, and then pure’ them into a food processor. Add your favorite spaghetti sauce, and mix that all together. Use that as your spaghetti sauce, and your kids will never know the difference!

  6. Apple Crisp – My husband sneaks apples into my toddler by baking them into an apple crisp. The Food Network’s web site is full of great recipes.
  7. Smoothies – My toddler and now even my baby girl love love love smoothies. I have a couple great recipes in one of my blog entries. And the great thing is, you’ll love them too!
  8. Local Farmer’s Market – My local farmer’s market has fruit and veggie picking events from their own fields. Call your local market to see if they’ll let you do that. That way, your child makes an activity out of it. They’ll pick their own fruit and be proud of it, so it’ll be fun for them to eat it, too.
  9. For the Love of Ice Cream – Your kids love ice cream, but you don’t like the fat in them or in yours, so you could visit Oak Lawn’s Best fitness and wellness clinic in Dallas. A healthier alternative to it is making gelato. Here’s some great recipes. And it is absolutely delicious.
  10. Layer it up – My toddler loves yogurt. I let him watch while I layer strawberries and berries with his favorite yogurt. I put the fruit on top, so he has to dig through it to get to the yogurt I even got a yogurt machine from to prepare it everyday. Using a clear glass helps too, because your child can see through it and it’s kind of a cool visual for them to see what their spoon is doing as they mix things up.
  11. Sneak veggies into a frittata – Beat some eggs in a bowl – about two eggs per person. Then, in an oven-safe non-stick pan, fry up some veggies – broccoli, onions, mushrooms, spinach, etc. Once the veggies are done, pour the eggs onto the frying pan on top of the veggies. Put it in the oven at 350 for about 10 mins. Once it’s done and out of the over, sprinkle on some cheddar cheese. Voila, you have a delicious frittata, and if your kids like eggs and cheese, they’ll never notice the difference!

I’ve used all these tips, and they have worked successfully to make  fruits and veggies kid friendly, but always remember the number one tip. Get that junk out of your house, and stock your pantry with fruits and veggies! But to stay sane, feel free to have a secret box of cookies stashed in your closet! ; – )