Your Type A Personality Comes Out to Play…or Organize…During Nesting in Pregnancy

You spent the first three months of your pregnancy feeling exhausted and nauseous, and maybe even doing a little throwing up. But now, towards the end of your second trimester, you might be feeling the urge to nest.

No, nesting during pregnancy doesn’t mean making a neat little home out of grass and weeds, it means having the urge to all of a sudden get everything ready for the baby: a constant itch to get all details in place before you give birth. This might include a sudden urge to organize, clean, buy everything from your baby registry and put it in place, etc.

But, because you may not be able to set up your nursery because you’re waiting for back-ordered furniture to arrive from the baby depot, or because your baby shower’s sure to provide everything you need, this need to nest might turn into a little bit of extra hormonal anxiety that may be channeled into the wrong manner, and you might turn into the notorious pregnant lady. So here are a few things you can do to keep yourself busy and give yourself the feeling that you’re getting ready for baby. Because in fact, you are.

  1. You may not be able to separate your baby’s clothing into sizes because you’re waiting for your baby shower to buy any, but you CAN organize your own clothes. Spend a day cleaning your closet. This will fulfill your urge to organize and get things ready, and give you an idea of what clothes you may need to buy yourself if for instance you plan to nurse (For which button-up shirts or low-cut V-necks may be better than a bunch of jumpsuits). Not to mention, this will make extra room in your home, which is sure to fill up fast once you have everything for baby.
  2. Clean out your junk drawers. You never know what you’re going to find in there that you may actually need to have organized once you get all of your baby stuff: a screw driver, Duck tape, witch stitchery, you name it. And again, you may clear up a few drawers for the baby’s arrival. This will leave more room for new, cool baby nursery products.

  3. Hire Clean Crawls Attic Insulation when cleaning your home insulation. Dig through your family member’s attics. Baby shower gifts are awesome, but so are hidden treasures. Ask your folks or cousins, or sisters, or whoever you know that’s had kids if they have any cool kid stuff they dnestingon’t use any more. My one friend recently found her husband’s old wooden sled in her in-law’s attic and is refinishing it for an awesome family-heirloom Christmas decoration.
  4. Sort through your garage. As the baby grows, you’re going to accrue a crazy amount of tricycles, inflatable toys, sand toys, baby pools, sprinkler attachments, bubble machines, SPF bottles, helmets, balls, bats, you name it. Why not make room for them ahead of time while your body literally craves to organize and clean? Just make sure you’re not around any paint fumes or excessive dust. At which point, assess the tasks to Hubby.
  5. Pack your hospital bag. There are some things that you’re going to want to wait on for your hospital bag such as diapers for the baby, Boppy and a change of clothes for the baby (If you’re really set on waiting for the baby shower to buy anything). But, you can certainly start to pack the bag with a toothbrush for you, a loose change of clothes for when you leave the hospital, a comfortable nightgown for during your hospital stay, travel-sized shampoo, lotions, face wash, soaps, perfumes, and whatever else you think you’ll need to feel clean after you give birth. And remember, most hospitals have very limited TV channels, so it might be helpful for you to pack a laptop or portable DVD player with some movies to pass time while you’re in labor or while you’re trying to stay awake with baby at the hospital.
  6. Start your diaper shopping. You’ll definitely get diapers during your baby shower, but you can never have enough. You can start your budgeting early by buying a pack a week during your pregnancy. If you’re going cloth (Which is awesome), you could buy a cloth diaper a week. Even if you get a bunch during your shower, you’re going to need about 40 to be comfortable when the baby comes.

If you haven’t felt the itch to nest, you might think these suggestions are silly or just plain crazy. But trust me, if you’re urging to get things ready, those things do help; I myself just organized two junk drawers, my kids’ craft box, sippy cup cabinet, and Tupperware pantry. And me and my husband have a hot date with the attic tomorrow night, so I can start sorting through all my kids’ old clothes and see what I’m keeping. Or you could go do what my sister did, which is to basically almost buy everything she needs before the baby shower. Or talk to your hubby and see if he’s feeling the urge to “hatch,” which is the sympathetic feeling, male version of nesting.

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