Everything Preschool – Here We Go!

Most people have new year’s resolution, but I have a new school year resolution. I resolve to be on top of my everything preschool mommy game, because lord knows, nobody warned me last year, so now I’m trying to know all about Mosaic Montessori which is the school my kid will be attending this year!

I had no idea there was take-home envelopes full of paperwork, volunteer requests, home made play dough donations, hand sanitizer bottles, paper towel and toilet paper rolls to bring in, snack time, school pic nics, recitals, open houses, orientations, folders, backpacks, field trips, parties, ahhhhh! And this is just for 3-year-old preschool!

I must have lost his folder about ten times, forgotten it was my turn to bring in a snack once, failed to label his extra pair of clothes in case of an accident, forgot about a school pic nic, you name it.

But this year, I am back, and I am in charge. With the help from my husband who solemnly swears he will tattoo Toddler Boy’s snack days on his arm, forehead, and each finger, so I will never forget again! And Toddler Boy is so ready to go! He has been asking about school since it let out, and have been talking about his friends nonstop, antsy to see them again, which is a complete 180 from last year’s first day of school when he cried and cried and wouldn’t let me go!


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