No matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your third pregnancy, there’s always surprises in store. Take it from me, a happily expectant mother of her third child.

For instance, one of my biggest surprises was how big I got and how quick I was showing. For sure I thought I FwdsYMwas having twins, because with my first two pregnancies, I did not start showing until at least four months, where as with this third pregnancy, I was showing after even the first six weeks. Every time I saw a commercial with twins in it, I seriously thought it was a sign from God, telling me to prepare for my precious baby twins, who would angelically be bouncing on my lap, giggling joyously (Even though with the reality of having my two toddlers so close in age, I’m not sure where I came up with that fantasy).

But, low and behold, at my 10-week appointment, when the doctor squirted the cold jelly on my belly, and gently spread it with her Doppler, there was only one heartbeat. I thought for sure there must be two heartbeats in there; they’re just super-synced! And then the first trimester screening came, and there was just one little baby on that sonogram screen. I just bought a test to reveal the gender of my baby, and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail! I’m so excited.

This is because apparently it’s very common for a woman’s body during the third pregnancy to get ready early for coming stages. This means that the uterus expands sooner because the body is basically trained to know what’s coming next. The early weight gain and bone structure expansion comes with it as well. Again, the body knows that the bum needs some extra cushion to catch up with the belly! Sure enough, with this third pregnancy, I have gained weight much more steadily than the past two pregnancies, as you yourself may experience during your third pregnancy as well.

And with that extra weight, comes some extra fatigue. Not just because of your body getting ready for the baby, but because when it’s your third pregnancy, you’ve obviously got two other little ones to run after as well! At first, I felt a little bad for the kiddies that I was getting tired so easily and therefore wasn’t doing as many activities with them as usual during my first trimester. But as my doctor reminded me, there’s nothing you can do about the way your body reacts to the pregnancy, and if your body’s telling you you need sleep, it’s not too selfish to get some rest, especially because you’re not just looking after yourself, but for the baby in the belly as well.

But the best thing about the third pregnancy has been to have two extra little persons to share the experience with. They are both conscious enough to be able to talk about the baby, to be there for fun and important appointments mommy and daddy: such as the anatomy screening, and help you get the baby’s brain moving early by talking to the belly with you. My eldest is constantly caressing the belly, and kissing the belly, and asking questions about the third baby like at the pool he asks, “Is the baby swimming with us right now?” Or when I apply lotion on the belly: “Why are you putting cream all over the baby?!” I use the best lotion products from orogold reviews and tutorials, you should check them out.

What about you, ladies? Any weird third pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing or have experienced?

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  1. hello,i’m 30yrs old an pregnant with my 3rd child.My son is 12yrs old and my daughter is 10yrs old.Everything is updated from when i was pregnant with my other two, i’m lost with all the technology now.When i was pregnant with my son i gained 45pounds,with my daughter i gained 30pounds.With this one i gained 8lbs already an im showing like i’m 4mths.The tech nurse of my first obgyn (3rd pregnancy)appt calculated my pregnancy to be 9wks from my missed period on june 11,2011.But i feel more then that, only because i feel alot of pressure on my lower adominal an hips.I had an ultrasound of the baby last week,its fully developed and moves around like crazy.Which now i know why i have so much pressure down there,its from the baby tossing,turning an stretching.I don’t have any gas,i do have some heart burn.With my son i threw up from the first day of the 3rd mth til the first day of the 4th mth,as for my daughter i didnt have any sickness at all.With this pregnancy i was nauseated from may til a few weeks ago i started to notice less sickness throughout the day only because i needed to eat something.I have an appt to see my obgyn on sept. 7th to confirm the calculation of how far along i am,which i’m getting inpatient of guessing an looking it up online to see how far i may be.I don’t have a list just like you don’t because i know what he/she needs from experience also.But i will go to a labor an baby prep class again since it’s been so long since i went,just to be reminded incase for any updates from 12yrs children do ask funny questions, like for instance; Does the baby see what you see? Can the baby taste the same foods you taste? Where does the baby go to the bathroom at?What does the umbilical,(sorry for spelling errors), cord look like? Does it fall off before the baby comes out? Older children have more questions then lil’ toddlers, it’s fun to search the internet for all the answers to their questions. An laughing at the outcome to their findings.

  2. Forgot to mention i thought i was having twins as well,lol.But,there was only one bouncing happy baby on the monitor.Also forgot to mention the fact i’m feeling lil’ bubbles in my tum an looked up on an found so much more bout pregnancy since it’s hard to ask the obgyn a question every second you think of one,go there it helps greatly.Can also find tons of videos of other women feeling the same as us on

  3. Hi how do u feel about having your baby and so far apart from your other two kids? How and what did they say when u told them you were having another baby? What was the reaction to them and your husband?

    Asking because I have a son who is 7 and a daughter who is 5 and Im 30yrs old and not sure if I want more but I don’t want to wait really until they are too much older than the siblings!! How did u feel when u found out??

  4. My third time around, I feel very tired. My other two kids are almost 5 and almost 2. I just lost a bunch of weight from my second child, and now putting some back on for the third pregnancy. It’s exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. It means running around with a preschooler and a toddler. I do not want to disappoint my kids when it comes to getting tired and not being motivated a lot. However, I do know I need exercise and I need to rest when I feel like I need to. I am definitely going to be multi tasking with 3 kids when this one is born. I’m at 15 weeks.

  5. i just found out today that i am pregnant with my third child. i felt pregnant and i was sure i was and now it has been confirmed. my two older kids are 4 going on 5 and 2 going on three and i feel so scared to have another one. i am now thinking about all the weight and the nausea and all the extras that come with it. but i am still happy and i know things will work out ok.

  6. So o fpund out i was pregnant yesterday.. im having #3..
    We – my husband and i wer shocked to hear im pregnant.
    Im so scared and freaked and excited all at once. I dont know how many months i am yet. Waiting to go to my first visit.i have a 6 yr boy and a 3 yr girl they are both in school. Im just freaked about when the baby is born and how i will have to handle my schedule especially taking the kids to school. By the ime the baby is born they will be turning age. Their bday’s are in march and april which im assuming thats around the time the baby should be due..

  7. Well I am on my third pregnancy, we have a 15 month old and a 27 month old, both girls, yes this may seem crazy that we are having a third so close! We wanted all of our children to be close in age and we got it, 3 under 3! I think I am about 4 weeks or so I just took a test a few days ago well all 5 of them came out positive! While I was reading some of these posts I was laughing because not only have I thought maybe this will be twins, and not bc I am showing bc Im not yet (thank goodness) but bc twins and triplets run in my family! YIKES! I am a little nervous bc I am not feeling nausea, I am super tired….which is hard, I am a sahm so its go, go, go!! I know every pregnancy is different so it’s weird I am wishing for nausea but I guess thats how I know everything is going well! Fingers crossed I dont get it! lol! These posts are fun to read!

  8. I am pregnant with baby “#3…I am so nervous about what to expect fom this baby…..I know I have faith but I have been hearing so many people loosing babies early that I am so nervous….When I first found out I didn’t even know I was pregnant,I took two tests because I wasn’t sure that I was taking the test correct,but when I finally went to the er,because I was really sick then that’s when it became a reality to me.Fir me this my 3rd baby for my husband it’s his 10th baby,and every since I been pregnant he has been good to me,even times I have been over the toilet about 50times a week,or when I couldn’t eat and he waled to the store to get me a ginger ale,I’m anxious,excited and nervous

  9. I have a 9 yr old daughter and a 6 yr old son and I am 30 also and just found out we are expecting another. We where very excited and our two little ones are really excited also. I forgot everything I had went though though and it’s like the first time again because its been so long. I am only 5 weeks along and feel as though in showing already which is just crazy to me!

  10. I am 6 weeks and have two daughters…. 8 and 5 who will be 9 and 6 when I deliver and I will turn 30 in September. I knew I was pregnant right away and felt HUGE last week but I guess it was just bloating because this week It’s gone. I guess from eating healthier also not drinking I have actually managed to lose 2 lbs.

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