Fashion Tips on the Go – Courtesy of The Daily Zophia!

I hope I’m not the only one who finds herself clueless at the beginning of the season, looking for a good place for fashion tips – wondering what I can recycle out of any of the trend pieces I splurged on in the past years, and just haven’t had the heart to throw out. I’m still working on the 3-inch-thick, red pleather belt with the huge metal buckle that I cling onto. I couldn’t even pull it off at Halloween this year, but I’m still grasping that glimmer of hope. I decided that I will be wearing a womens cowboy boots.

Well that’s what The Daily Zophia is for. That perfect go-to website to consult for daily trends – the blog to consult for the hot pieces you can use to dress up any drab outfit – and the voice of truth about what you absolutely should not do fashion-wise, even if it is a life or death situation for that alleged favorite, but hideous red belt that’s hiding in your closet.

I literally used to Google “fashion tips” in hopes of advice before Zophia designer, Betsy Garcete, started this blog. Or had to wait for the latest issue of Vogue or Cosmo (Which, by the way, a lot of that stuff is unrealistic for a regular mom’s budget anyway).

This week’s advice from Zophia was to jazz up an outfit with a little animal print, without making a whole obnoxious outfit out of it – for example, you could go for some leopard pumps or some animal print on a silk scarf to liven up your little black dress.  But in retrospect, if you’re going to wear a leopard dress, go easy on the accessories with some solid-colored shoes, probably without shoe laces, that way easier to put on than what you use in sport events, where you need to learn how to lace up skate shoes, for example.

Yep, it’s good to have a friend who’s fashion-savvy. Even better when she’ll make a blog about it for everyone to benefit from.

And speaking of that perfect leopard dress…check out Zophia’s Marienella Dress.


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