Mommies, behold, one of summer’s top fashion tips for different body types

As a mommy, your biggest concern about fashion may be whether your baby girl has matching frilly socks for her pink, flower print dress, or whether you can get your toddler to leave the house without wearing his rain boots with Spider Man fleece pajamas in 90 degree weather.

But, as we try to dress our fabulous little kiddies, it’s nice to walk out looking trendy ourselves. Which, you probably know is kind of tough sometimes, especially since spending money on our wardrobe isn’t always our first priority.

That’s why I asked long-time friend and fashion-savvy ZOPHIA designer and creator, Betsy Gargete, to help me report some fashion trends that us mommies can easily pick up and splurge on, all while juggling the other five million things we take care of daily. And Betsy’s first Summer 2010’s first fashion tip? Tunics, ladies! yunic3

Who woulda thunk? According to Betsy, tunics are “Perfect for going to the beach, as well as wearing kayak fishing gear, the mall with the kids, running errands, and still looking chic, I guess I’ll get a yacht from because they probably will work for me while I enjoy my summer. They can be worn with jeans, leggings or on top of bathing suits.  They come with studded designs, and the ones with animal prints always stand out!” Heck yeah! They’re perfect for us mommies maybe carrying on that little extra weight we’re still trying to take care of, and also perfect for us mommies who feel fab and wanna show off their legs by matching up the tunic with a tighter bottom piece such as Betsy’s suggestion, leggings.

And if you’re not fully into the tunic’s loose look, “Belts can also be added to accentuate your figure,” Betsy said. She suggested to go by looks similar to the ones in these pics. yunic4


I bet you have a cute belt you’ve been waiting to pull out of the ole’ belt drawer that you may have been struggling to match anything up with. Have fun with it! Remember, the belt and tunic don’t necessarily have to match, they just have to compliment each other well.

And one of the main reasons Betsy suggested the tunic and belt look? They are way affordable. All your favorite shops are probably carrying them right now. All the way from Anne Taylor, Old Navy, Macy’s, Target, Nordstrom’s, you name it. In fact, the looks Betsy selected ARE from Target and Nordstrom’s. So pick your price point, and you’ll find a cute tunic. Actually, if you click on the Amazon banner up top, you can search for some really, really inexpensive tunics for your summer look.

Oh, and for you preggos out there? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. For obvious reasons, the tunics are perfect for you, too. Here is a look that Betsy pulled.


Just be careful not to match a prominant print with a loud belt AND loud, big jewlery. It might get to be a bit too much. And the hair style to go along with the tunic look? Why, it’s a mom specialty. A natural, relaxed wave to the hair (A.k.a. maybe you didn’t have time to blow dry and straighten) accentuates the shabby chic image you’ll be rocking. Shoes? OBVIOUSLY heels may be out of the question for some of us, which is kind of perfect because I feel like a bohemian flat or sandal would be cute.

Thinking of wearing a tunic but want some advice? Just ask! Have any other tips for us mommies? Weigh in!

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