Has Technology Revolutionized Writing Thank You Cards? I kinda hope so…

During my studies for my bachelor’s in professional writing a few of us won a scholarship in the field of English studies including writing and education and research majors etc. And I was beyond excited and appreciative of this much-needed scholarship. Both years of winning this scholarship the Communications or English or Whatever department sat all the winners down in an office at a specific time and gave us all matching thank-you-cards and matching pens and a typed-up matching template that we were to follow to make sure we thanked the donor of the money for the scholarship the right way.

Ok, did anybody catch that? We won scholarships in the English studies field at a collegiate level and they practically held our hands and watched us write thank you notes. I’m not exactly sure who they were actually. But anyway the point is that that might have been the beginning of me hating and dreading thank-you notes. I protested the process and swore that those writing skills they’d been teaching me would actually come in handy for the task, and that I really wanted to just write my own. No cigar.

So now I’m very picky at the specific thank you card, the specific salutation, the specific message — honestly the bestthanks gift a friend could give me is excusing me from writing a thank-you card. Especially because as soon as I start trying to write them, it’s like a bird call for my one-year old and toddler to come charging in the room, demanding to hold my pen and rip the cards into tiny pieces of paper so they can throw them around the room…that I then will try to vacuum up in the midst of yet more protests and screams from the kids, demanding to hold the vacuum cleaner.

So it speaks greatly of my friendship with someone if they get a thank you note that just says, “Thank you for the wonderful gift.” The simplicity of the message just shows how comfortable I am with you. Then if you really don’t get one at all, that means I really, really, really love you. Thanks, mom and dad and mom-in-law, dad-in-law, and brothers, sisters.

IIIIII’mmmmm juuussttt kiidddiiinggg. I do understand the importance of thank-you notes, and do want to express my appreciation to people but what my question is, is this – can I send a text message, e-mail, or phone call to express the gratitude? Does a face-to-face thank you replace the thank you note in the mail? How about  cyber thank you card? Do those count? Weight in! Help a girl out!

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  1. I usually just buy the blank Thank you cards and will personalize it with a shor message like: “I loved the sweater!” or “Your gift was just perfect!” Keep it short and sweet!

  2. I think that technology is revolutionized everything. With that said, there’s nothing like opening a card with your own hands. I don’t know. Call me old fashioned 🙁

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