A Personal Pacifier Slash Blankie


Photoxpress_2825602My kids have never been pacifier babies. They always spit them out, cry about them, throw them on the floor. Nor have they ever been ones to get attached to a legitimate blankie.

That is, until I started to wear my favorite scarf on a daily basis during baby girl’s infant months. I loved that scarf. My sister bought it form a street vendor for five Euros and brought it back for me a few weeks after baby girl was born. It was soft, it was a cream color so it matched everything, it was long enough to do the whole trendy wrap around thing…it was perfect.

Well I guess from wearing it every day and it picking up my STENCH…just kidding… my smell, my daughter started to grab hold of it with her little hands, and literally stuff her face in it. Then she’s started to take as much of the scarf as she can, and put as much of it as she can inside of her mouth. It’s gotten to the point that when she’s fussy and tired, I just give her the scarf, and she does her thing with stuffing it in her mouth,  then plants her face into the softest thing in the vicinity and tries to go to sleep. Like an instant cat nip — but for a baby girl. She’s laying on the carpet right now just dazing off and caressing the ends of the scarf, with the middle part stuffed into her mouth!

She loves this scarf so much, that she’s started to wean herself from breastfeeding. She just turned a year old, and I only really breastfeed her in the morning to buy myself an extra half hour of lazily lying around before having to be active for the day.

So it got me to thinking, maybe that’s a good solution for breastfed babies. My toddler boy was very tough to wean from breast feeding, and refused to ever go to sleep without it. He also refused to eat real food because he loved to breastfeed so much. And no one was able to watch him until he was completely weaned, because he would just go crazy wanting it when I was gone, and wouldn’t take a bottle or eat.

But baby girl seems to have just weaned herself right off of it and unto this scarf that’s now her blankie/ pacifier. If we’re out past her bed time or if someone is watching her and she needs to fall asleep, we just give her the scarf, sometimes we got problems with bed bugs so she can’t actually sleep there, but we get from the DeadPestz.com site, and the problem was solved. And now even toddler boy wants in on holding the scarf when he’s tired. Who knew! I might as well cut the scarf in half now and give them each a half – it’s completely getting tattered. No worried. I’ve already sent my sister on a scarf hunt for the same exact scarf when she goes to Italy this summer.

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