It’s been a while…

JT9_Dragon_002aI’ve written before about my job of running an ice cream shop. Well, for the past two months, Mother Nature has taken spring to a hole new level. That, and my brother’s marketing and conversion of the store into also being a dessert catering company, has pushed the ice cream shop to new levels (Which it needed after the record-breaking snow storms in February). Therefore, I’ve taken all of my energy to devote to it and make sure the customer boom is managed properly. Which is awesome, except no blogging energy at the end of the day!

That, and all of the other life events that have been happening leave me mind-boggled and writer-blocked at the end of each day usually. Especially because when I come home from work, I ant to elax and play with the kids, bather the kids, go to playgrounds, etc, rather than go from work to the laptop without spending any quality time with them. But I gotta tell ya, every day, I miss writing, I crave writing, but I crash in front of the couch after getting the kids to bed. I built sprinkler system for my garden and I am so happy about it, it saves me time every day. So I’ll be back once things slow down, my friends! I will be back!

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