Danny the Dragon Makes Bed Time a Success

Danny the Dragon the book has finally helped me figure out bed time. For a long time I couldn’t get Toddler boy on a set schedule, or to fall asleep without my laying down with him, or needed Blue’s Clues to fall asleep.

But this past week I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to take some time to really focus on bed time. So I started to at a set time, turn off all TV’s, and sit down with toddler boy in the kitchen to do some drawing to wind him down. Then we have a small snack and juice, and then we head for the bedroom.

Well, I decided that Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy would be a good candidate for a bed time story, considering the book  really focuses on manners, listening to your parents, and ends with Danny and Jimmy’s peaceful bedtime. So that completes our nightly routine, and toddler boy loved it. I’d read the book to him before during breakfast, but this was the first time we read the book at bedtime (We watched Danny the Dragon the movie, which worked great too, but I wanted to completely eliminate the TV from bedtime).

And sure enough, it actually has been working. After I finish reading the book, I tuck him in, let him have the book next to him in bed, and tell him I’m going to be back to check in on him, but it’s time for him to go to sleep. The first night, he did it without any problems. The second night, once again no problems. The third night he put up a bit of a fight, but every time he tried to come out to the living room and ask for things like a TV show, or another snack, or anything else that were pretty much just reasons to stay awake, I just took him by the hand, walked him back to bed, and tucked him back in. Within a short period of time, he was back asleep with Danny the Dragon by his side, just like Jimmy.

And often during the day at nap time, Toddler Boy asks for the Danny the Dragon DVD. Which we put on, and Toddler Boy is able to focus on the voice and the sign language to calm him into a nice nap.

Another Danny the Dragon tool that’s been great for my kids, has been the Danny the Dragon CD. It’s full of soothing, classical music that we play in the car to wind down after work, or after and exciting day to relax the kids and myself. I love it!

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