Blue’s Clue Party Supplies You Can Make Yourself

What do Steve and Joe do all episode long on Blue’s Clues? They draw at a toddler’s level. Which is exactly what you can do to make your own Blue’s Clues party supplies. I actually stumbled on these ideas when I procrastinated on planning my son’s second birthday. I was still adjusting to having Baby Girl, had just baptized her a few weeks earlier, and just couldn’t get it together. So by the time I had time to get things ready, it was too late to order Blue’s Clues party stuff online without paying a fortune in shipping – so I made my own – and had some help from friends and family. We had the party outside, but it really doesn’t matter if you do an indoor or outdoor party, you can even get a bounce house from sites like Jumpers N Rentals of Riverside County.

  1. I made my own Blue’s Clues paw prints with a blue sharpie on big blue poster boards and cut them out. I then spread them all over the tables and chairs, which I furnished with light blue table cloths to make the blue paw prints pop. blue paws
  2. I also used these paws for playing Blue’s Clues with the kids. They had to figure out what we were having for dessert, which was ice cream cake and blueberry Italian ice (Since we had guests with gluten and dairy allergies). I got ice cream dishes, spoons, an empty bag of ice, birthday cake plates, birthday candles, forks, a container of blue water, ecc. and stuck the paws on them. I made sure to have enough for each child to get to find one clue (A bit of a change from the show). Then, while I explained the rules of the game to the kids, I had them all file into a line and face me, while my friends hid the clues in trees, grass and bushes in my back yard, thankfully the company had done some yard cleaning two days before. The adults cheered the kids on while they found tblue pinhe clues, then I had them give me all the clues, and try to guess what we were having for dessert. They actually figured it out! If I’d had more time, I would have drawn all the clues on a big dry erase board with the kids, but I didn’t get a chance to.
  3. Pin the tail on the Blue – My brother drew a big picture of Blue on a white poster board, then drew a bunch of tails – one for each child – to pinĀ  on. Since the kids were pretty young, I just had them stand in line with their eyes closed, spin around three times, then aim. They all cheated and most still missed haha. Nick Jr. actually has a printable version of it too, though, which I found out later on.
  4. Then, since I work at an ice cream shop, I made my own ice cream cake, but custom made my icing, which you can do yourself. I just mixed white icing with different hues of blue, which came oblue cakeut really cool like a softer tye dye. Then, I actually called a local dollar store, who happened to have Blue’s Clues cake toppers! I just stuck them on, and we had us a Blue’s Clues cake! What you can also do, is bake a big round cake, with 4 cup cakes. Use blue icing, and arrange the cupcakes above the round cake in the shape of a paw like so.
  5. For a party favor, the local dollar store actually happened to have Blue’s Clues party favor bags, which I filled with crayons, Blue’s Clues stickers that I bought at a local Michael’s, and then printed out Blue’s Clues coloring pages from NickĀ  Jr. I also included candy in the party favor bag like Jolly Ranchers and things that didn’t have dairy or gluten or nuts in them because we had kids over with allergies. The kids were happy to carry the Blue’s Clues theme home with them! If your child is older, they can help you make custom Blue’s Clues party favor bags on brown paper bags by gluing Blue’s Clues pictures on them, I also recommend getting Kids Magicians for birthdays parties, I know for my own experience that kids love them.
  6. I also was able to find just one Blue’s Clues balloon at the local dollar store as well, which I clustered together blue balloonwith a bunch of regular blue balloons. We spelled Happy Birthday on it with my toddler’s name. He loved that!
  7. I actually had bought a shirt that looked like Joe’s for Toddler Boy to wear, but it ended up being too hot out for him to actually wear it.

Since they stopped making as many Blue’s Clues goodies because the show stopped filming, Blue’s Clues party supplies seemed to have hiked up in price and decreased in availability online. That’s why these party ideas come in handy when you’re in a pinch!

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