Happy Valentine’s Day? Take the quiz.


heart candyI don’t think I ever really got all jazzed up about Valentine’s day. In fact, I think as I teenager I even scorned it. And now that I have a husband and kids to love and share it with, I still think it doesn’t make much sense. But, I’ll take any excuse to make a regular day special. So I’ll dress the kids up in V-day clothes, get them some candy, and get some flowers to decorate the house. Maybe when the kids are older and understand it more I’ll definitely get more into it in terms of baking special things, or oh! I think I’ll actually make heart-shaped pancakes in the morning! What about you?

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
Love it! Love the hype, the pink, the reds, the hearts!
It’s kind of a dumb holiday, but still sort of sweet to celebrate it.
I don’t really care.
Hate it. It’s lame.


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