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I started to look into free sewing patterns for baby car seat covers because I always get asked “What’s his name,” in regards to my baby girl. It doesn’t really bother me much, because I know she’s a cutie patootie, but for people who do get bugged by that, you can make yourself gender-appropriate car seat covers to ease the mistakes in regards to your baby boy or girl. If you are in need of a sewing machine check out these sewing machine reviews to help you make your decision.

I didn’t really think much into into it when I bought all the gear for Toddler Boy before he was born. I though, “I hate when people can’t tell whether a baby is a boy or a girl, and there’s that awkward exchange, so I’m gonna make sure and get everything blue.” Plus, I decided I would have everything in an animal theme, and everything in an animal theme happened to be blue or green.

file00047256199Fast forward to about two years later: everyone mistakes my baby girl for a baby boy. That’s because both her car seat and her car seat cover are blue! And I try to dress her in all pink, but some clothes that are for girls are really cute and come in different colors! Plus, when I use her car seat cover, her clothes are hidden anyway. SO I always make sure to also put a girly hat or head band on her so it’s really clear. But still! People overlook that stuff!

So, I took a friend’s advice and looked into some Best Sewing Machines for baby girl’s car seat cover. That way, I’m not spending another 30-40 dollars on a pink one that I might not use for that much longer at this point, since it’s already February, and she is already nine months old. BUT I only found tons of sites promising to provide free car seat sewing patterns, but don’t actually deliver. Or, they used to deliver, and now the links are gone. Although, I did find a site that provides info on which easy patterns to purchase (They’re so cheap. Like a few bucks) to make your own car seat cover, and that is here. That link also has alternative directions on how to make your own pattern for free.

But another thing you could do, is either sew or iron on some patterns on your existing car seat cover. You can just Google an image of anything that your child may be a fan of, either butterflies, or flowers, or Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, whatever. Then, print out that image on either fabric paper, or iron-on paper. It’s your choice.

With fabric paper, you can cut it out and even hand-sew it onto your baby’s car seats with less stitches per inch. That way, when you decide you don’t want that character on there any more, you can just take the stitches out and get rid of it. So for example, if I want to put a pink flower on the existing car seat cover right now, but then end up having a baby boy later, I can take it off.

But an easier solution for you non-sewers out there, is to print the image on iron-on paper (Which you can find pretty much anywhere – Target, Wal Mart, office supply stores, craft stores), then cut it out and just iron it on. But then, you can’t really take it off if you decide you don’t want anything on your car seat cover any more.

Another solution, is to find already-made patches at a craft store and either sew them on, or iron them on with Witch-stitchery. Although if you iron them on with the witch-stitchery, you run into the same problem as the iron-on paper in the long run.

So if you get bugged with the same gender-wrong questions like I do, there’s some solutions for ya. Also, car seat covers are so expensive, it’s nice to have a more cost-efficient solutions with these free sewing patterns for baby car seat covers.

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  1. You cannot believe how long ive been searching for something like this. Through 6 pages of Yahoo results without finding anything. Quick search on Bing. There this is… Really gotta start using that more often

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