Hershey Lodge – Mommy Friendly


I recently stayed at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a work convention, and I was very pleased with how accomodating they were to my need to pump. First, let me say that the hotel is very beautiful, very well-kept, the staff is friendly, and it is enormous with plenty of amenities to keep busy such as cafes, indoor pool, outdoor pool, the chocolate spa, on-site concierge ecc. The room I stayed in fulfilled my addiction of flat screen LG HD TV’s, which was on what looked like hand-crafted wooden cabinets that also incorporated other amenities like the mini fridge and such.

BUT the biggest thing for me, was that they were extremely breast feeding friendly. I had to leave my baby girl behind with daddy because I couldn’t get anyone to come on the trip with me to watch her. Which meant I had to bring the breast pump. This posed a problem. I arrived (very) late Monday night, and had the convention to attend on Tuesday until 7:00 p.m. Well, check out was at 11:00 a.m. leaving me nowhere to pump all day except for the public restrooms, which I was not cool with (I don’t think my colleagues would’ve looked at me the same if they’d witnessed me milking myself). So, I asked for a late check out, which they allowed me to have until 1:00 p.m. Which was definately to accomodate my pumping needs because they wouldn’t allow others to have late check outs due to the hotel being jam packed with conventions.

hersheyWell that still left me stumped on what to do till 7:00 p.m. Not to mention the four-hour drive thereafter to get home to baby girl. I mean I was even contemplating just using my car and a hand held pump I’d brought for back up, or sitting on a toilet with a hand held pump. But the idea was just too unappealing, and I’m a weirdo and could just picture someone seeing me in there for that long and assuming other things. Just couldn’t do it. So I approached a female hotel hostess at the end of the day and asked her if there was anything any more private than the bathrooms for me to use as a facility to pump. I was expecting a closet or even an office. No, they were extremely accommodating, and actually allowed me to use one of the smaller vacant rooms at the hotel for the time needed right before my departure. The girl I had asked for help walked me to the room, and waited for me outside and everything (In the cold! I should have asked her name! She was great!)

So I was able to pump, and on my way home in a jiff. I mean I had even contemplated going to a store in a mall of some sort after the convention and using their dressing rooms! I was desperate! And just wanted to get it out of the way, and get home! So I give the Hershey Lodge a total thumbs up!

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