printable bible quizzes for kids and toddlers quiet book pattern – keeping your kids busy during church

shapesKeeping my toddler quiet during church is almost impossible, so that’s why I started to do research for printable bible quizzes for kids, and quiet book patters for toddlers.

Husby isn’t much for getting up early on Sunday morning, so I usually can’t get to church unless my parents come with me. Which is a shame, because I love going – especially because we’ve kind of formed a community with fellow churchgoers. Otherwise, you’d see me hanging baby girl off one arm, while the other is trying to coax the toddler into staying still for longer than ONE second, looking very fraazzled, and having no idea what the heck is going on mass-wise.

Toddler boy’s pretty set with his rounds – it’s, sit for less than 30 seconds, gets up, bolts for the holy water, splashes it on his face, bolts for the adjacent chapel, opens the door, looks in, closes the door, darts to the exit, and tries to get out and explore. Usually Nonno is on toddler duty, for the first half of the mass, and Nonna takes the second half, while I sway my body back and forth while I hold baby girl, trying to keep her happy. It’s an adventure.

And all of this while the other toddler boy that usually attends mass stays as still as an angel on his daddy’s lap, playing with his two cars. Some times it leaves me wondering if it’s a child’s personality that’s the main factor, or I just need to try a different tactic in addition to the grandparent swat team. Hence, me taking my friend’s suggestion into looking up free printable bible quizzes and quiet book patterns.

I found some good printable bible quizzes here. Granted, my toddler is still a bit too young for them, but it does keep him focused and still for longer periods of time if I have something to read to him and to teach him. He loves to learn, and what better way for him to learn about what’s actually happening in mass, than talking to him about bible quizzes. And let’s be honest, even though my father has a doctorate’s in theology and philosophy, it’s not like I listened much myself as I grew. So it’s nice for me to learn these things with my child, while still being able to pay attention in mass.

The toddler’s quiet book patterns are a bit better for my toddler for him to be independently well-behaved, though.  This site is great with directions on how to make your own toddler quiet pattern books.

But what is a quiet book, exactly? A quiet book is a set of pages made of fabric that are meant to keep a baby or a toddler busy during quiet adult moments – such as church. The pages usually have interactive objects sewn onto the pages for your toddler or baby to study and stay concentrated on when you want them to sit still. The key is to pick things to go into the pages that you know will grasp your child’s attention, such as pictures of their favorite characters, or little cloth dogs. Also, only let them play with the book when you want them to sit still, otherwise if they have it all of the time, they will get bored with it.  This site has great quiet book pattern ideas to get you started.

I’m actually really excited about the quiet book pattern; I’m really going to try to make some time before Sunday to see if I can get to making one. It looks pretty easy to make even with my non-crafty hands. If not, I’ll just print out some printable bible quizzes.

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