top 10 myths about breast feeding

I recently posted a blog with some quick facts about breast feeding as well as the best tips from to enhance your breast. But I’m sure there is still a bit of hesitance and confusion when it comes to deciding whether to do it or not. So below, I’ve written a list of 10 myths about breast feeding, that should clear things up a bit.

  1. It’s easy – It’s actually not. It takes work. I think that’s why a lot of women give up on it. You have to expect that it’s gonna take work, and be willing to do it.
  2. It hurts – That it does, but not forever. After less than a week, your breast becomes used to the suckling, and breast feeding is completely painless, I was even to lay down at Miami acupuncture to get a treatment.
  3. If I don’t breast feed, I won’t swell – Engorgement happens either way, because either way your breasts will fill with milk. In fact, the engorgement will hurt more if you don’t breast feed, because the milk won’t be released.
  4. Breast feeding causes sagging – No, having a baby does. I explain the details here.
  5. I’ll lose more weight if I don’t breast feed – A lot of women choose not to breast feed because they want to go on special diets or take special diet supplements to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and other benefits from sites like Actually, you’re better off breast feeding, because you burn 500-800 calories a day just by breast feeding.breastfeeding2
  6. Formula is better for babies – That used to be the belief because it used to be thought that feeding babies formula reduced colic. That’s not necessarily true, but it has been proven that even if your baby does get colic, colic leaves no long-term effects on a baby any way. And it’s also been proven that breast feeding babies reduces the risk of various diseases in their future. You should definitely read more about the different diseases that women have. Hence why health departments country-wide offer incentives for women who breast feed.
  7. I can’t breast feed if I work – You can too. You just need an electric pump, and you’re in business. A lot of jobs will let you take beast pumping breaks. And it works out perfectly because the breast milk you pump on day, can be used for your caretaker to feed to your baby the next day while you are ate work.
  8. It’s cheaper to buy formula – Many women think that’s the case because they feel like they have to buy breast feeding ponchos, bras, pumps, bags, pouches, ecc. I’ve got costless remedies and answers about that here and here. You don’t need to buy all that stuff. There’s other ways to get it. If anything, breast feeding is completely free.
  9. It’s easier to feed formula – How so? You don’t need to mix breast milk. You don’t need to heat breast milk when you’re feeding your baby right from your breast. You don’t need to put it in a bottle. You don’t need to wash a bottle.
  10. I can’t drink coffee or wine if I breast feed – Now, I’m not saying to go overboard, but drinking a cup of coffee in the morning shouldn’t affect your milk, and having a glass of wine at night shouldn’t be a problem either. Your body does a pretty good job at filtering that stuff out as long as you don’t overdo it.

Got any other questions about breastfeeding? Any of your own to 10 breast feeding myths? Chime in!

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