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babybagIt’s cold days like this that make free toddler lesson plans really come in handy. My toddler begs and begs and begs to go outside and play in the snow, especially after the winter episodes of all the toddler cartoons with snowball fights, and sled rides to Santa’s workshop. So I’ve had to do some research to find things to distract him any time he starts to yell, “Oushide, snow!” Don’t get me wrong, I’d totally head out into the snow with him if it was just me and him, but baby girl is still a bit too tiny for that.

That’s why it’s great to find those websites that provide free toddler lesson plans. It especially helps me to have these when I bring toddler boy to work with me. I set him on a task, and then walk away to get some work done. That’s until he starts calling my name again, and then I set him on the next task. Sometimes, though, I need to accompany these activities with a good snack, and a Blue’s Clues episode on TV.

You want to check out They’ve got TONS of winter activities to choose from that start from toddler-appropriate to kindergartner levels, I also recommend to check the Brooksfield School if you are still looking for a school for your kids. The is also a great resource. From those two sites alone, you can get activity calendars, winter party ideas, calendar crafts, math songs, color snacks, learning with snow, ecc.

Also, provides a bunch of free worksheets for you to have your child work on. These are all Adobe Acrobat files, so you want to download the latest version of Adobe to be able to view them.

You can follow these table activities with some basic toddler-baby mommy and me yoga activities that incorporate holding your child while toning your muscles. For example, you can do slow squats while holding your toddler in your arms with them facing you, and their legs wrapped around your waist. You want to have them count your squats as you go up and down, and actually have them repeat the words “up” and “down” with you as you do them. With this free lesson tip, your toddler’ll get a bit of exercise, you’ll get a bit of exercise, and they’ll practice counting and learn their directions. After a bit of that, it’s back to sitting down and get to work on the lesson plans.

A friend of mine also suggested going to local craft stores, where she finds crafts for a dollar for her two toddler boys to work on together. What about you? Do you have any free toddler lesson plan tips to dish out to other moms?

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