Breast Feeding Tips 101

I put together a few breast feeding tips, because I think you should definitely breast feed if you can. It saves you money, it’s good for your baby, it’s an awesome bonding experience, and best of all, I weigh 108 pounds because of it (You burn 500-800 calories a day breast feeding).

What you need to do when you get to the hospital to deliver, is let your doctor and nurse know you’re planning on breast feeding. Most hospitals have lactation consultants that are happy to walk you through breast feeding step by step. Also, Women Infants and Children (WIC) is a big advocate of breast feeding, so they will send follow-up breast feeding consultants to your home for free. No matter what your income. They also will provide you with free Medela electric, and manual breast pumps if you meet requirements. They are custom-made for WIC, and they are excellent.

Your lactation consultant will probably recommend a support brest feeding pillow. Boppy makes a great one, with fun pillow cases, that I buy up like candy.

An electric breast pump is really only necessary if you are working or in school. If not, then a manual hand held breast pump will do. Just so you have it if you need to leave your baby for more than a few hours. Or, if your baby has an easy time with the bottle, then it will be useful to have an electric pump to bring bottles with you on outings. But, your health insurance might fully cover the rental or even purchase of electric breast pumps, so why not.

But keep in mind that breastfed babies do have difficulty with the bottle, so you’ll also need to invest in some breast-friendly bottles. Definitely talk to your pediatrician and breast feeding consultant about when you should actually introduce a pacifier and bottle to your breast-feeding baby.

So if your baby is a bottle-hater like mine, you might find yourself breast feeding in public – yep – the big controversy. Even though I swore to myself up and down I would never do that, I do that – a lot. But I do cover up. So you might want to buy one of those breast feeding ponchos that look like a fashionable cover-up. Or what I do is wear a tank top underneath all my shirts. I pull up the top shirt, and pull down my tank top. That covers things all around. If you’re at the mall, a lot of department stores do have family rooms that are breastfeeding friendly.

I do have some nursing bras, but sports bras are just as functional and flexible. Just pull them down. I also suggest buying both cloth and disposable breast pads. You’ll have the cloth ones when you run out of the disposable ones and don’t get a change to get to the store. Because, let’s face it, ya just had a baby. I also wear sports bras to bed, obviously to hold up the breast pads, and also to decrease the chances of sagging.

But I could go on and on about breast feeding and associated gadgets. Just ask me anything! I always have more breast feeding tips. breastfeeding

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