Dairy Free and Gluten Free Diets Will be the Death of Me

With the combination of breastfeeding and dairy free and gluten free diets, I’ve lost a lot of weight. This is not by choice, but it’s by dedication. My husband was told by his doctors about a month ago that he might have Celiac Disease, and my toddler has been slowly having allergic symptoms that have gone from mild to seriously flared up in the past two weeks. They hit peak over the past few days, so we’ve scheduled appointments with his pediatrician, who is referring us to an allergist, and also are consulting with a homeopathic allergen specializing doctor.

So obviously, it’s safety first – kids first. But people, I am starving. I mean like give me a cheese burger right freaking now. On New Year’s Eve we went to a friend of ours’ home. She also has gluten allergies and is trying to instill this diet in her son because he has ADHD, and it’s been proven that gluten free diets seriously improve the symptoms of ADHD.

So she made delicious gluten free spaghetti with meatball tomato sauce, and sweet gluten free peanut butter cookies. We brought over gluten free beer, Red Bridge, and gluten free hummus that my husband made with a veggie tray. So we had a lot of food, and believe me I ate a lot, as I always do. And before that, we even had rice with tuna, beans and corn for dinner at home. So again, I’m talking an all out feast, practically. Well wouldn’t you know it that as we drive home from the party on New Years, I was STARVING. I felt like I hadn’t eaten all day, which clearly was not the case. Especially because I’d also had a beer, which regular beers usually leaves me feeling very bloated in itself.

My husband and the homeopathic allergist have explained to me that I only think I am starving. But rather, what is happening is that cheese and gluten release the same chemicals in your brain, as if I were doing cocaine or heroin. So you know how people will say, “I’m like addicted to cheese and bread?” Well you’re not like addicted, ya apparently really are. Who knew?!

But because I don’t actually have those allergies myself, I could actually eat bread and cheese and be fine. But, ladies, we all know how a toddler gets when he sees something and wants it. And since my son has mastered the kitchen gate that once served so well as a fort (It’s funny because once he passes the gates he compulsively has to shut it behind him. He doesn’t get that that gate is there solely for the purpose to keep him out. He makes me laugh) we’ve had to eliminate all dairy and gluten products from our kitchen.

So because, like I said, I totally respect and understand the important correlation between a child’s diet and their health/behavior, I’m gonna keep at it. I’ll just have to sneak in some of the hardy stuff when I’m not with my toddler to keep my body able to catch up with the calories I’m burning by breastfeeding. But I’m gonna be honest with you before I go home from work I’m gonna stop to get a couple hot dogs. With buns. Oh and nachos. Mmmm.

By the way, if any of those gluten free and dairy free foods sounded good to you (They’re very, very good), there’s some great recipes that we found in Paleo Cookbook and Gluten Free Low Glycemic Cookbook for Diabetics and Allergy Sufferers.

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  1. lol I stick to it in front of them. not gonna lie, I had three Mickey D’s snackers on my way to work. Luckily my 8-mo old baby girl in the back seat is rear facing! Sh!

  2. Hi, my name is Tisha and I’m addicted to cheese and bread! *LOL* We should start a support group!

    I started Weight Watchers yesterday. I’m finding that I am hungry, but not as much as I have been on past diet plans. Mainly I just don’t know what I can and can’t eat just yet. But, I am making a grocery list for tomorrow and finding that it’s more flexible than I thought it was. So, we’ll see…

    Anyhow, you’re making a healthy conscious decision for you and your family. For that I say, good for you (even though it’s tough now)! The rewards will be great for you in the end!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope to see ya back rael soon.

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