Toddler Hair Styles

As moms our hairdos tend to tone down as we fill our roles as mommies, and let’s face it, fill our time with mommy stuff – so why not live vicariously through our toddlers’ hair styles?! They can pull off any hairdo! Here’s a list of toddler hair styles and hair cuts that’ll make you feel like a kid again, just make sure not leave wet hair for too long!


Being brave is key when cutting your toddler’s hair. And it doesn’t take much courage, either. Save yourself the ten bucks (At least!) per hair cut, and invest in a barber kit for not much more cost of a single sitting. We have a Conair full barbet kit that literally comes with everything – clippers, scissors, cape, brush, combs – everything. I just sit my troddler in his high chair with his favorite treat (Like a lollypop) and go to town. The key is to do this when your toddler is well-rested so he’s not cranky. And to also maybe do this in front of his favorite show to keep him still.

The buzz cut – You know the drill, just buzz away. Don’t be nervous. If it turns out a little uneven no one will even notice but you – turst me, I’ve done it.

The Mohawk –  Buzz your little boy’s hair from the sides in, leaving the middle long. You don’t even need to gel it to make it look fly and funky!

The proper school boy – Grow your little boy’s hair out to about eye level. Then get some kid’s styling gel, L’oreal makes some, and slick it all back. It’ll compliment you baby’s big, cute eyes.

Surfer Boy – If your child’s hair has luscious locks, grow it out! At the age of a toddler, you can put him in fun boyish clothes that won’t perk up any ears. I’ve seen some of the cutest boys have chin length hair with just a bit of curls. I just wanna eat ’em up!


Now I do have to say that I’m not a fan of adding too much hair product or hot irons on a toddler’s hair. We all know how finicky toddlers are, and I like the idea of preserving their natural glow by keeping the fritz away, so I won’t include intense toddler hair styles.

Classic Pigtails – Who can resist a sweet little girl with two little pony tails on each side of her head? They’re cutest when they’re up higher, and top them off with colorful bows to match their dress!

Double French Twists – Part the hair in the middle and do a french braid on each side of the head. Take the ends of the braids and twist them into a spiral. Bobby pin them to your toddler’s hair to make two braidy buns on each side. You can dress up your bobby pins by sliding colorful beads all the way inside of them so that they don’t become choking hazards.

Multiple Minis – Separate your toddler’s hair half up and half down. Part the top part of your toddler’s hair into five even little ponies. Use tiny little hair ties to tie them. Brush the rest of the hair that is hanging down to smooth it out.

Let the Curls Curl – If your child has curly hair, do not try to brush it out. You will end up breaking the hair and causing it to frizz in the long run. Get a thick-toothed comb and just comb down the top of it.

The Side Pony – Whether it’s the eighties, or a new eighties trend in the new millenium, a high side pony is always cute on a little girl. The higher, the better. And don’t forget to ornament it with a colorful bow!

Naturally Waivy – Brushing smooth waivy hair and parting it to the side will make your little girl look like a model in a field of sunflowers!

headband2Headband Heads Up – You can fix any bad hair and make your toddler look like ap rincess with a dressy headband. And the good news it, you can dress up your own! You can purchase the most basic headbands at any department store, then going to a fabric store to get cloth flowers, bows, cute little patches, and hand-sewing them on!

These toddler hair styles may seem simple, but you want to keep them simple when dealing with those active toddlers. They won’t sit still long enough for anything else!

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