I’m a working mom, and a mom working at home

Like I said, I’m a working mom, and a mom working at home. How? One of the perks of running a small business is that I have a small office that I’ve literally fully turned into a nursery/play room. I mean literally – we painted it green, took out the desk, added a tv with dvd player, play table, toy chests, pack n’ play, Cars lounge chair, ecc.

Before baby number two came along, I had just my son at work with me from the time he was a few months old, ’till recently. But, let’s face it, you stick a toddle in a 10 by 10 room with the same toys day in and day out, he’s going start bouncing off the walls, literally. So for now, I am just taking my baby girl to work with me, who naps for a big chunk of the morning, allowing me to get anything done that requires two hands. The other part of the day is spent holding her while juggling tasks with every other arm, adding a foot in the mix here and there. Because my time is limited I decided to try out Brightline Janitorial Service so that I can spend more time on working and with my family.

Occasionally, Mommy forgets to take the keys with her when stepping outside for a break. On a couple of occasions, I’ve gotten locked out and had to call the best locksmith London has to offer. They always get me right back into my home quickly and efficiently.

So that leaves my toddler at home sometime with my husband, sometime with my mom, sometime with my mother in law.  At first, he would really put up a fight and scream and cry when I’d leave, but then it was like it didn’t bother him at all. But over time, I have been coming home and just getting into battles with him over the smallest things. He has been constantly saying mommy over and over again, whining, and sometimes even yelling it. He’s been crying over the littlest problems, and throwing tantrums at the most trivial things. Especially because I’ve also started writing for a magazine from home more regularly. My husband is left baffled when he sees this behavior from him, because he usually is a pretty good sport for him when they’re at home together.

So I’ve coming home from work every day, trying to juggle the little baby girl with my job, then come home and try to get chores done around the house, and trying to get writing done, while my toddler screamed in the background. I could not figure out what spurred on this sudden high-maintenance little boy.
We also bought a new cabinet for our kitchen from lakehalliecabinets.com, the quality is good.

Then, on few days ago, as he wailed about his blocks not stacking how he wanted them to, and while my baby girl screamed because I wasn’t holding her, (All the while, i’m just trying to pee, people!) it hit me. I just need to give in. Seriously, who says I HAVE to have a clean kitchen every single night? Who says I have to be completely on time with my loads of laundry? Who says I NEED to sweep the house every day? Nobody but me! So I just need to give in and just come home and play with my kids and just let my house be chaos during this time in my life. I just need to embrace the mess and just accept that I have two choices: a clean home with constant screaming, or a messy home and tons of relaxing play time with my babies. I choose door number two, please.

baby_eye_looking_up-t2So for the past two days, I’ve just spend time hanging out with my toddler and doing things for him rather than for the to do list of the house. And simultaneously, trying to get my baby girl to just crawl happily and stay content while playing with some crinkly toys. And sure enough, my toddler’s been the sweetest little boy that I know he is truly becoming, and my sweet little girl has been getting better at entertaining herself. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cuddle with him while he watches cartoons instead of jumping on the laundry-folding wagon. Although that will indeed need done! So for now, being a working mom and a mom working at home will mean that my house will be messy.

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  1. see, to me there needs to be a balance between the two. coming home EVERY day and doing things with/for your toddler is probably not the best idea as it’s making him even more dependent on you for entertainment. he, at this point, needs to learn to be slightly less dependent on others to entertain him and slightly more dependent on himself. i’m not saying ignore him completely every night or anything, but take, say, 2 days out of your week to do your normal house stuff. it won’t be easy at first, but you need to let him know that the entire world does not revolve around him even though you’d love it to.

    but that’s just my take on things.

  2. No no he’s completely fine all day long with Michael. He plays by himself, ecc. But because he doesn’t see me 40 hours a week, when I come home he misses me and wants to see me. And I miss him too, so all I wanna do when I come is play with him! That’s all!

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