Free Ice Cream for Kids

Your kids’ prayers have been answered, with free ice cream singles given away by Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in exchange for their love of reading.  And with multiple options to accomodate dietary needs such as sugar free ice cream and lactose free Italian Ice, any kid can indulge in this sweet deal. Also available according to season, are ice cream flavors made with real, fresh fruit. And their Italian Ice is loaded with Vitamin C!

All you child has to do is get one of the Bruster’s Read Your Way to a Reward book marks from a participating school, library, or Bruster’s Ice Cream, fill it out, turn it in, and they’ve got their free sweet treat!


Here’s how they work: your child writes a list of ten books that they have read on the book mark, fill out their info, and turn it in to any participating Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in exchange for getting a free single scoop of ice cream.

Unfortunately you cannot download the bookmark from their website, but you can tell the participating store ahead of time, and they will order as many bookmarks as you want, so you can keep your child and his or her friends reading!

Seriously what could be better than telling your kid that they can get free ice cream and all they have to do is read ten books, or even just list books that they have already read!

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