Bittersweet Holi-DAYS

Sigh. My husband and children and I are extremely lucky to have lots of family members that love us and look forward to spending the holidays with us. But, like I said, there are lots of family members from both sides of the family doing different things at different times. So with two kids, we’re stretched thin, which causes friction between the hubby and I.

You see, I love going from place to place seeing everyone from each side, eating lots of food. But my husband is quite different. H’s more of an introvert that likes to take advantage of the holidays to relax. Also, he’s an expert chef that is very critical of what is put before him to eat, so he doesn’t really appreciate the usual hodgepodge of potlucks at certain family events. Also, he’s gluten and dairy intolerant.

merry_christmas-t2So we’ve pretty much been squabbling for the past day or so trying to figure out where to go and when. I say we go everywhere and try to see everyone, while he says we put our foot down and choose just two events to go to: one on Christmas Eve, and one on Christmas day. We still have not figured it out! Seems that we migh actually have to skip church to make anything happen! What about you guys? How do you handle the holiday family events? I think that the snowman pic to the left is appropriate because it looks like a boy and girl snowman arguing. Or maybe that’s just my mindset right now, haha.

Meanwhile, my toddler is still awake right now because he’s too excited about all the holiday happenings. And I still have presents to wrap and salads to toss to take to family events!

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