Your Sagging Breasts and the Terrible Myth

A lot of mothers attribute sagging breasts to the act of breastfeeding, but that’s not the whole truth. Chances are, your breasts will sag whether you breastfeed or not. That’s just part of motherhood, but there are ways you can lift your sagging breasts without surgery.

Like I said, your breasts will sag whether you end up breastfeeding or not. Why? Because, except for the occasions when a woman forms no milk at all, after giving birth your milk-making system will indeed swell with milk. If you do not breastfeed, the milk-making system inside the breast will shrink right away. If you do breastfeed, the milk-making system shrinks once you wean the baby. Unfortunately, the skin around the milk-making system inside the breast will not shrink with the milk-making system. So, your breast size will go back to regular, but the skin around the breasts does not – hence sagging breasts.

black_bra-t2So what can you do? Support them! Duh! Always wear a bra, and definitely get fitted for a bra at any lingerie specialist  so that you get maximum support. It is a good idea to wear sports bras to bed in order to achieve maximum support, and obviously wear a tight sports bra when exercising. But not too tight, because when a bra fists too snug, that will lead to infections in the breast if you are breastfeeding. So there ya have it!

3 Replies to “Your Sagging Breasts and the Terrible Myth”

  1. Ah, the saggy skin. It is the bane of my existence. Yes, it affects my breasts, but it’s my postpartum stomach that especially bothers me. My kids are worth every bit of it, but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE it, right?

  2. Ya, my belly is horrible as well! Absolutely worth it though! You know what the say: stretch marks are the badge of a real woman! Haha!

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