Chuck E Cheese Rewards Kids

You know it can be complete havoc bringing your kids to Chuck E. Cheese. They get so excited, maybe have a bit too much sugar, and just feed off of each other’s energy! It’s awesome, but it can get a little overwhelming if the kids get really out of hand.

coins_penny-t1But no worries, Chuck E. Cheese has started a program to reward good behavior. Here’s how it works: you download and print the free reward calendars that will help you keep track of their accomplishments, and help your kids work on issues that are most challenging in your and their lives. You can download the calendars from Chuck E. Cheese’s website in the Promotions section. Once you have it all filled out, you bring it back to Chuck E. Cheese and get ten free tokens as a reward!

Seriously, what could be better? Free rewards for your kids to behave, and for them to have a nice, fun outing! Also in the same section of their website, tokens for good grades! And did I mention right now each Chuck E. Cheese game only takes one token?

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