Bottle Warmer, Bottle Shwarmer

Okay, I think every single advertiser out there is using this line, and it’s a cliche, but in this case I mean it. In this economy, and especially when you have kids, every penny counts. So believe me when I say: don’t waste your money or time on a bottle warmer.

With all the models I’ve tried, bottle warmers just seem to double the time that it takes for you to actually warm up the milk or formula in the bottle. That’s because usually a bottle warmer requires you to fill it directly with water that you heat up, and then when the water is hot enough, you insert the cold breast milk or baby formula to be warmed up by the hot water. So you’re waiting for two liquids to heat up. Usually 5-1o minutes for the water to heat up, then 5-10 minutes for the actual breast milk or formula to heat up.

Also, because the bottle warmer has so many parts, it’s usually pretty tough to clean. That, and they are usually electrical, so you can’t submerge them in water to really get all the gunk out. The result is, bacteria accumulates in the bottle warmer, and whatever water you put in there will become contaminated. In result, when you put the bottle that needs to be warmed up in the water, bacteria then gets transferred on the bottle, which then gets transferred to your hands, which then gets to your baby. Capishe?

So what’s the solution? Listen to mom! Do it the traditional way!

  1. Heat up some water either on the stove in a 1 qt. sauce pan, or in the microwave in a 1 qt. microwavable bowl.
  2. Then, submerge the bottle that needs warmed up in the hot water up to the top level of the liquid inside of it. So if there are three ounces of milk or formula inside the bottle, submerge the bottle up to the 3 oz line.
  3. Always take the cap off, or the liquid inside the bottle may overheat.
  4. Keep testing the liquid temperature by spraying some on your wrist.
  5. NEVER put a baby bottle directly in the microwave to heat up, because the microwave will heat the milk or formula unevenly, even scorching parts of it.

You’ll see that in most cases, it takes the simplest and cheapest system to achieve most things rather than spending like $20 on a complicated contraption. And seriously, who has time to read directions any more? babyeating

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  1. That’s not necessarily true of all bottle warmers. We have one by The First Years that heats the water and bottle in 45 seconds…to perfect temperature. It’s 2 pieces – the base and the bottle holder – so it’s easy to clean, store, put together, and use.

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