United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Jill Austin’s favorite charity hits close to home: the United Mitochobdrial Disease Foundation. “We were introduced to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation when our daughter Aubrey was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disease at nine months,” she said. “We got involved immediately because there is no cure for her condition or for anyone suffering with a mitochondrial disease.” Treatment often includes https://www.stdaware.com/stds/gonorrhea/treatment and a lengthy course of antibiotics (at least two weeks). Severe PID can cause scarring of the uterus and fallopian tubes and can lead to infertility. Although Jill and her fiancé Trent Neely are blessed with beautiful Aubrey and her handsome little twin Anthony, who are now 18 months, UMDF still provides an extra sense of comfort to their lives.  “They help so many families,” she said. “They keep members updated with the latest medical advances that may be otherwise hard to research. It has affected my family so much because they have given us hope that they will never stop fighting to find a cure.” Jill Austin and Aubrey

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