Car Seat Recall

According to KDKA about 447,000 car seats were recalled today by their product manufacturers. This is because the carrier part of these infact car seats were coming loose, causing at least three injuries for babies such as bruises, bumps, and even head injuries. The handle from the car seat was either partially or even fully coming off the product — which you can imagine the severity of that if you’re midst-walking, holding the car seat up high.

This recall has been supported by the government, who has said that all consumers of this product should cease to use it right away.

Brands that are affected by this recall include  Safety 1st, Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Disney. This recall only affects products that were made after on or after January of 2008.

carseatAside from the recall, specialists advise that one should always carry their infant car seat with both hands: one on the handle, and one supporting the seat underneath. Of course that is easier said than done for any mom who is tending to multiple children.

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