Babytrend Highchair

Don’t get me wrong, this highchair does have good features, but sometimes they seem outweighed by this one, very loud and annoying feature: the tray continuously pops off. It will not snap on, and any kicking, flailing of arms, ecc. will set it off to slam on the floor and in result, sometime make your baby cry. Also, it’s not very compact. It does snap the legs together, but that doesn’t really save much space. high chair

But, like I said, it does have positive features like the snap on wheels (My favorite — I can move it all around the kitchen and living room).  Also it has a four position full seat recline with a three position tray. On top of reclining, the seat moves up and down a pretty wide variety of heights. The tray also includes a dishwasher-safe snap-on various-compartment tray.

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