Save Money on Wrapping and Cards – And Entertain your Kids!

festivebauble0619This tip will fix two problems: Keeping your kids busy while being cooped up in the winter, and save yourself some money on gift wrapping and greeting cards. I mean think about it – stock Christmas cards are nice and everything, but you spend $.50-5.00 a piece, and in the end they just get thrown out! Same with wrapping! So here’s what you do…

  1. Set out a big poster board and water colors for your kids to save money on wrapping and cards. Make sure you put a garbage bag underneath the posterboard in case your kids go really crazy with it. The poster board can be any color you like, but it’s best if it is a light color so the water colors show up.
  2. Dress your child in clothes that you don’t mind being ruined if they go really, really crazy.
  3. Have your kids paint to their heart’s desire on the poster board. Even have them write words for the holidays like – Santa, Ho Ho Ho, family, spirit…ecc.
  4. Wait for poster board to dry.
  5. Clean your kids – just kidding – that’s really up to you. Haha.
  6. Cut the poster board in about 8 even pieces.
  7. Fold each piece in half to make it look like a greeting card.
  8. Then, have your family write their own holiday message and sign the inside! Voila! Free greeting cards.
  9. To make gift boxes with it, go to any craft store that carries clear plastic boxed. They either come in square, rectangular, or oval. They’re pretty cheap, too.
  10. You can take the big poster board piece and cut any piece out of it that will fit the interior parameter of the clear boxes, and tape it in place with clear tape.
  11. Presto change-o! You’ve got yourself some saved money on gift wrapping and greeting cards!
What kinds of gifts do you get your loved ones?

Made from the heart

Specially bought with thought

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